Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heaven Surely Serves Chocolate!

Chocolate Always Makes A Great Reward For VOTING Tuesday!                                                Can you smell the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies? (Notice that we didn't call them Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  That in itself should tell you volumes!)              Great Papa decided that he wanted to bake some cookies.  (I believe it's a fair assumption that Great assisted.)   We got the last batch out of the oven and rushed to the elementary school so that we could VOTE.  (Did You Vote Today?) 
Great and Great Papa successfully voted on the new computerized voting booths with ease!  Thanks to the helpful assistance of our dear neighbor!

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY thought(s) today come from Kathleen Lubeck:  "Soon sweet smells start escaping through the cracks of the oven door, through the vents. You open the door and pull out the cookies, soft and warm, chocolate melted a gooey brown. And for a few golden moments, life seems a bit closer to heaven."

a quote from the article "Preparing Our Children For Their Community Roles': "“If we keep the commandments we’ll be good citizens,” President Ezra Taft Benson has said. “We’ll exercise our right to vote. We’ll follow the counsel which the Lord has given in the revelations regarding our obligation to seek out ‘honest men and wise men’ (D&C 98:8–10) who will stand for principle, men who will put principle ahead of political expediency.”

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Veda said...

I can almost smell those cookies :) The only time we get hot cookies around here is when Melece brings some over.

Anonymous said...

where are my cookies

Queen of the Castle said...

how come i'm sitting here without any cookies

bevanmission said...

If you don't visit us, then you don't get any cookies!

bevanmission said...

Great Papa is making a quadruple batch of Chocolate Chip cookies TODAY!! He's becoming quite adept in learning to bake at 77 yrs young! AND, he's including Fresh Honey Wheat Bread in his repetoire! Are we blessed?? Yes, we ARE!!

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