Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heavenly Carol for Our Grandaughter's Arrival

Silent Night, Holy Night by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to comfort us while we all await the BIG moment!  Therefore, our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus for today comes from Elder Neal A. Maxwell, "Since faith in the timing of the Lord may be tried, let us learn to say not only, “Thy will be done,” but patiently also, “Thy timing be done.” Hope feasts on the words of Christ, “through patience and comfort of the scriptures,” “written for our learning” (Rom. 15:4), and bolstered by “having all these witnesses” (Jacob 4:6; see also 2 Ne. 31:20). Therefore, whatever our humble furrow, we are to “plow in hope” (1 Cor. 9:10), finally developing “a perfect brightness of hope” (2 Ne. 31:20; see also Alma 29:4)."

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bevanmission said...

Our only HOPE comes because of Him!

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