Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reflections of Heaven Are Always Close

Reflecting on Reflections:   Great has 3 wheels and I have 4! She has a rear basket and I have a front basket. We both have an odometer with a clock, the current air temperature reading and more, plus I have a bell and a horn, and of course my bee sting kit, because the wasps and bees just seem to find me! (2 weeks ago, a wasp landed on my church bag and went into the church with us.  We didn't know it until the second before it was getting ready to crawl on my hand as I was setting up to teach RS!)  The house on the far side of the lake to the right of my hair is our place, so you can see what a joy it is to ride around the lake. Great has heel spurs - but it's the nerves in her toes that make it painful to walk, which makes bike riding great for Great! My knees and hips dislocate when I walk too much but not once while on the bike. 

Now you ask, what is she doing with all of those wheels?

Since obtaining my set of adult training wheels, I haven't fallen again.  (Another time I might retell the story of when riding with my sister, I fell in front of the Fire Station and she had to escort me inside to have my Fireman/Daughter use her emergency med skills to bandage me.) And where's Great Papa? He's the photographer for this shot. He rides circles around us because Great can only pedal at one speed, so I had to use my horn to signal for him to come back and take this picture. And I'm glad that he did!

There's something that helps you to count your blessings when you can look at God's handiwork reflected in the mirror of the lake. Eternal goals and causes come into focus and that which is of no consequence doesn't matter anymore.

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus today gives us pause to truly Reflect on What Matters Most: (by Eric D. Huntsman in 'Reflections on the Savior's Last Week') "The Hebrew word Messiah and the Greek word Christ both mean “the anointed one,” reflecting Jesus’s position through these titles. As we reflect on the roles He played during the last week of His mortal life, we need to remember that as our Savior He is both a king and a priest."
Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...Image via Wikipedia

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Hope you'll check out some of our newer posts! This is one of our first blogs and mostly for our family, but seems to have been targeted in the GOOGLE cache. We're trying hard to do better and bring you some posts that uplift, inspire and help you to feel a bit closer to heaven!

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