Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We  felt so INSPIRED in viewing our sweet niece leap through the sprinklers with her young son!!
We were INSPIRED to "SEE" her legs extended as a graceful ballerina!  We were INSPIRED to "REALIZE" that the body really can defy the laws of gravity!   We were INSPIRED to "VIEW" her as she really is:  a DIVINE DAUGHTER of our Father in Heaven!

We hope that you can see the amazing leaps of Faith as our young mother-niece nurtures her son through the adversities of life and teaches him how to jump through the challenges by holding tight to the Iron Rod - (and to Mom's hand)!

We were INSPIRED to remember that as we seek to be more like our Savior, we are gifted with the abilities to "see" and 'think" as He does.

We hope that as you choose to see the Grace, Beauty, Faith, and Divine Nature in those around you,  you'll end-up seeing Ballerinas everywhere!

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is from Pres. Henry B. Eyring, when he said, "It is clear that for us to have that gift and to be given that trust, we must be transformed through making righteous choices where that is hard to do. We are prepared for so great a trust by passing through trying and testing experiences in mortality. That education can come only as we are subject to trials while serving God and others for Him..[and]..Then our spirits will be changed.

 "We will become able to want what God wants, to think as He thinks, and thus be prepared for the trust of an endless posterity to teach and to lead through tests to be raised up to qualify to live forever in eternal life."

(PS.  We didn't ask for permission to repost our niece's photos, as we wanted it to be a surprise! But, her mom knew!)


Charlotte said...

Thanks for making me feel like a dancer again! And for reminding me why I have chosen to stay at home instead of dancing.

bevanmission said...

AHHH! I was trying to show that you gave-up the 'stage', not the 'dance'! And you thought you were just running through the sprinklers in a 'doing-something-together' activity!

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