Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Sister, My Friend

We rode our bikes across Stansbury Park to see if my daughter needed some help - but, it wasn't my idea. I hadn't initiated us going over, because my sister was my guest.  I wanted her to have fun and a great time during her visit and didn't want to dampen her stay with work. 

My sister insisted on vacuming my house before we ventured outside.  She was concerned about the strain on my joints and cheerfully vacumed floor boards, under counters, and corners while lugging the heavy central-vac hose from room to room.  Then, she asked if we needed to go to my daughter's.

I hesitated. I wanted to go, but was still worried about my sister's vacation time. 

We began our bike-ride and while riding down the street, I suggested we go to my daughter's house.  Of course, my sister was happy to do that. 

When we arrived, we found my daughter and her family worn out from all the stresses associated with packing, cleaning and moving.  My sister asked her what she needed us to do and went right to work.  I followed. 

Completing our tasks, we left to ride our bikes some more - but, not before I collapsed into my sister's loving arms as the reality of my daughter and grandchildren moving away ripped through my heart. 

This 'ode to my sister' is a tribute filled with love for my sister and my friend.  I want to do so much more to repay her for her lovingkindness to me, my children and my grandchildren.

I hope she views her BEDAZZLED family photos with smiles and laughter and feels the love that comes from my heart.

Seeholzer Fam BEDAZZLED

Seeholzer Fam BEDAZZALED Christmas

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS comes from Sister Sheri Dew: "Where may the people of the world look to find women of virtue and integrity—[SISTERS] who are beacons of goodness because their countenances radiate the light of Christ? To us, the SISTERS...This is not hyperbole. It is our mandate. There is no group of [SISTERS] anywhere whom the Lord is relying on more than us—[SISTERS] who can hear, and who will heed, the voice of the Lord. The Lord loves the [SISTERS] of this Church! And He is counting on the [SISTERS] of this Church, all over the world, to make the difference that only we can make."
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Adam and Aubrey said...

Oh how I love those pictures! They instantly put a smile on my face! I was thinking I should get with you for my Christmas card this year! I love being bedazzled. I really feel accepted by you now!

bevanmission said...

You were accepted by ME long before Adam had it figured out!! BeDazzling seems to be great therapy for me - kind of a graduate program from color crayons. Email me the photos.

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