Friday, June 11, 2010

SPRING CLEANING: Memories, Blessings, and More Re-Visited

Well, actually this is just a SPRING CLEANING of the forgotten SD card in the camera:

JAN 2010          Great holding Kayloni Bevan:  we didn't post this earlier because Great Papa didn't notice the ruffle was covering Kayloni's face.

Caitlin's 9th Birthday 
Chelsea and Caitlin Ray: the girls made a cupcake birthday cake with their new cupcake pans, tree, and more!

Great Papa holding Kayloni Bevan and with smiling Kai Bevan

Nana and Kayloni Bevan: - at least Nana was happy!


Faithful Cousins:  Caitlin RAY, Jayden BEVAN, Chelsea RAY, and Cody RAY  (We just LOVE those smiles!)

MAY 2010

Cody's 14th Birthday: with a special chocolate cookie cake!

Great and Nana off to a Relief Society Neighborhood Luncheon

with Nana's Carribean Pepper Salad - (It proved to be a hit!)

JUN 2010

Cody's first fish for Summer 2010: Normally, he keeps his fish down on the boat dock, but he brought it up to the pool to show the girls (his sisters, cousin, and extra friend) who, to Cody's delight, all screamed, "EEEEEEOOOOOOOOOH!"

 This week's Summer Storm: - immediately after the Rainbow, the sky changed to vivid hues of lavendar and blue with light showing through the thunder clouds.

Same day, same time, same summer storm, but looking in the opposite direction, the sky was a dark vivid cornflower blue at 4 in the afternoon. (This also was the color before the lightning started flashing everywhere.)

We were simply in awe with the striking storm colors in the sky!  Chelsea kept urging me to "take a picture of that!" as we stood under the thundering clouds with  lightning flashing and peculiar patches of sun-light.  A downpour hit just as we finished clicking for this shot!

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is from the Children's Primary Song: 

"Whenever I hear the song of a bird

Or look at the blue, blue sky,

Whenever I feel the rain on my face

Or the wind as it rushes by,

Whenever I touch a velvet rose

Or walk by our lilac tree,

I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world

Heav’nly Father created for me."



Veda said...

I love the pictures of family. The kids grow up so fast! Thanks for sharing. Ben and I witnessed the most incredible and beautiful double rainbow Wed. evening. The song you posted was a perfect reminder.

bevanmission said...

Yes, we're having more fun and less stress in learning to post pictures! (The stress is in the decision process over the pictures of our family and in whether they'll take offense with a picture being posted.) Even so, I think the Blog serves as an avenue to bear testimony about God, His Son, Our Savior and about all the wonderful areas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that blesses our family - each other, our children, our grandchildren and with our extended family and friends. It feels good to share 'rainbow' experiences with each other and to share other tender mercies as we laugh and cry and pray for each other - and even in sharing an understanding about a song!

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