Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, what do the girls do when the boys go fishing?

Well, since we didn't want to be 'eclipsed' by the rest of the family in their many outings to the newest movie, we decided to make a neighborhood excursion to the Gateway last Saturday amidst the scorching heat that was making life in Utah miserable.
However, as you can see, we were quite cool with the Gateway's excellent air conditioning and comfort-double padded, theatre recliners!

Smiles abound!

Mom gets a needed break!

Our after movie cool-down continues at Leatherby's:
And ends in the pool -

With a family BBQ -

and Great Summer Finger Foods -

Complete with our own Vampire Slayer, Buffy, who fell in the pool - (or jumped  in accidentally to get out of the heat!) -

And others who elected to lay-out in the heat -
While others just paddled away...

But not before enjoying the roses!
I am so pleased and excited to add this INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS! It's from a tribute article in the ENSIGN for Elder Neal A. Maxwell in speaking of his life as A LIVING SERMON: 

"Elder Maxwell loved the Lord and knew of His love for us, explaining “we may turn from him, but he is still there. We may feel that he is hidden from us because of the cloud cover of our concerns, but he is still close to us. We—not he—let something come between us, but no lasting ECLIPSE need ensue. … Our disregard of him is no match for his love of us. Yes, Jesus of Nazareth lived! He lives now! He guides his Church!” (“All Hell Is Moved,” in 1977 Devotional Speeches of the Year [1978], 181).Related articles by Zemanta

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Adam and Aubrey said...

I hope you truly loved Eclipse. You can continue the fun by reading the books you know. I have all of them.... I'd definitely lend them to you.... haha!

I'm missing you and your lovely pool. Looks super fun.

bevanmission said...

So, pack-up and come for a visit! We're hoping to have 'Movie' night on Fridays. (Pool, projected movie on the side of the house, popcorn and other stuff!) ....Didn't quite 'truly love' Eclipse...But loved the family-time-together outing. Thanks for the book offer, but I'd rather read about Mitch Rapp or Mr. Clark saving America! (My Heroes - after the Prophets old and young and now, our Prophet and the brethren.)Oh, and don't forget Oliver North's trilogy, too!

Veda said...

How fun you got to have a girl's day out! I'm sadly lacking in the granddaughter department :) Felicia's baby will make 8 grandsons!

bevanmission said...

Yes, I have to admit that a 3 generation (and sometimes 4 generation) Girls Outing is a GOOD THING! It seems to help 'imprint' those eternal links and values on our posterity! (Don't you just love the way I'm finding to use vocab linked to the movie?)

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