Saturday, July 3, 2010


Be warned! This isn't a story about 'Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!'

It's about 'Spiders and Hornets and LEGS - Oh KNOW!'

It was a hot, windy, typically sunny Utah-desert-type of afternoon.  Just the kind of day you're grateful for water, a lake and a pool!

The grandkids and I were having a great time enjoying the liquid pleasure, when I excused myself.

No sooner had I sat down on the throne, when a one hundred legged monster came running across the floor tiles headed right for me!  It was all I could do to pull up my suit while performing 'River Dance' feet movements to deter the tyrant from escaping down the drain hole while at the same time I'm yelling "HELP!"  
The 'THING' from that place that burns forever was quicker than I was! 

It could change directions faster than you could blink - preventing me from squashing it.  Hence, you get the idea:  my only recourse was to continue to yell for 'HELP' while trying to put a foot down to stop it!  

With my modesty in tact, a HERO entered and quickly subdued the culprit, saving me from the most awful, scary Centipede that you can imagine! 

Which just goes to show you that every Nana needs a 14 yr. old grandson to save the day and be the HERO!

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS comes from a First Presidency Message given in 1991 by Pres. Thomas S. Monson: 
Thomas S. Monson. Photo by Brian Tibbets (tibb...Image via Wikipedia

 "....With life... in the interior of our consciousness, each of us has a private Hall of Fame reserved exclusively for the real leaders who have influenced the direction of our lives...The leaders whom we admit into this private sanctuary of our reflective meditation are usually those who set our hearts afire with devotion to the truth, who make obedience to duty seem the essence of manhood, who transform some ordinary routine occurrence so that it becomes a vista whence we see the person we aspire to be.

The name of Jesus of Nazareth, the only name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved, has singular place and honored distinction in our Hall of Fame.

Some may question, But what is the value of such an illustrious list of heroes and heroines, even a private Hall of Fame? I answer: When we obey as did Adam, endure as did Job, teach as did Paul, testify as did Peter, serve as did Nephi, give of ourselves as did the Prophet Joseph, respond as did Ruth, honor as did Mary, and live as did Christ, we are born anew. All power becomes ours. Cast off forever is the old self, and with it defeat, despair, doubt, and disbelief. To a newness of life we come—a life of faith, hope, courage, and joy. No task looms too large. No responsibility weighs too heavily. No duty is a burden. All things become possible.

The prayer of a mother, the faith of a father, the service of a son  [and a GRANDSON, each a HERO]—each qualifies in a Hall of Fame.

By so living, our own entry in a true and everlasting Hall of Fame will be assured."         
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