Monday, July 26, 2010


 What a DAY!
Doesn't GREAT look GREAT??!!
She just arrived home from getting her NEW easy care haircut to prepare for her surgery on Thursday at the U.  Great will go in for a craniotomy to remove a tumor in the right- back- side of her head and since the surgeon will have her head cut open, he will also do a biopsy on the temporal artery. 
We expect all will go well and that she will be able to return home on Friday ( when we'll be able to post some photos just for her grandsons!

"We can learn much from the courage shown by President Kimball as he has endured his many illnesses. He is a living testimony that, by overcoming pain and adversity, we can cleanse our souls and strengthen our faith and testimony in Jesus Christ. Indeed, in terms of the trials he has had to face, he is in many ways a modern-day Job...President Kimball, being a righteous man like Job, has endured many trials—cancer of the throat, heart surgery, boils, cranial surgery, and numerous other afflictions. President Kimball’s experiences serve as an example of how we should meet similar adversity and suffering in our lives.

President Kimball has not sinned or charged God foolishly. He has kept his integrity and his testimony, and sung the praises of his Lord throughout his many physical trials. We have never heard him complain about his trials. On the contrary, his challenge has been, “Give me this mountain” to climb. (See Josh. 14:12.)

The courage and faith of President Kimball to overcome adversity are an example to all of us, to testify that we, too, can meet the challenges of life."

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Felicia said...

Let Grandma know she's in our prayers, and I LOVE the new haircut.

Adam and Aubrey said...

Wow! She is looking FABULOUS! I love the new style and everything! Good luck with everything. We are super nervous. We'll keep her in our prayers!

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