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On the left is Mom.  My mother and friend. She's Gramma to our kids and Great to our grandkids.  Daddy calls her Honey - in fact, I dont know that I've ever heard him call her by her name, Gloria. (Remember, she was a Christmas Baby!)  She is sitting next to her Sister, MaryLou, who says that Mom is 9 years younger than she is and refers to her as My Baby Sis!  Then, Aunt Mary retells the story that I love to hear:  "The year your mom was born, Daddy said, 'You know it's Christmas, and we don't have anything to give you. But, Santa brought you a BABY SISTER!"  Sometimes, Aunt Mary will call her Glory and other times just SIS.  What's important to them, and to all of us is that they will be SISTERS FOREVER!

Aunt Mary was here only for a short visit but we were able to hear again the stories of her work on genealogy and the time Grampa Kidd (her daddy) appeared just sitting on the sofa and smiling.  Somehow, when I look at Mom and Aunt Mary, I can almost see Grampa, too.  I remember his blue eyes and never-ending smile. I remembered how he loved all of us!
Family memories are a GOOD THING!

Which now brings us to Daddy!  - Or the Never-Ending-Story here at BevanResort that should be called LIFE WITH FATHER!

Yes, this is Daddy! My father and life-long friend and buddy! He's known as Papa to our kids and Great Papa to their kids. Mom calls him Jerry - or YOUR FATHER if he's in trouble. You see him here in his FAVORITE pool cleaning attire: a shirt that I bought him (and Errol has a matching one) for Father's Day - only it was matched with long PJ pants that Daddy nor Errol would NEVER wear.  So Daddy loves to pair THIS shirt with some swim shorts he picked up in Hawaii while stationed there many, many years  during his Naval Reserve days.  Only, when he arrived home in Utah, he realized the  swim shorts weren't long enough, so he made Mom sew a band on the bottom of them to lengthen them appropriately.  (I think they have pockets galore which is why Daddy is so attached to those shorts! But, I'm sure he'll say he wears them just to irritate me!)  On that note, notice the heavy DARK socks with his clogs and the floppy fishing hat to protect his balding spot.   And don't forget, his ATOMIC watch and must-wear-ONLY-Polarized Sun glasses.  Notice the stark white calves, too.  When Daddy was in Europe with the Navy during the 60's, his sun-exposed skin was soooo dark that  the Europeans  thought he was born there!! (That's part of his French ancestral genes.)

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS comes from the old Family Home Evening Manual:

"Most of us can remember from our childhood the great joy of sharing experiences as a family...

“When I think back on my childhood and my teenage years I recall with an almost reverent attitude those pleasant memories of the things we children and mother and father did as a family. I remember that in those days there wasn’t much to do in the community so we had to seek our recreation in our home. I wouldn’t trade the memories of our family parties and other family recreation for all of today’s theatres, bowling alleys, and restaurants. …

I am determined to do all I can to plan activities for my family that will bring the Lord’s Spirit into our home the way the Spirit filled the home of my parents. I want my children to have the great blessing of having the memories that are so dear to me” (Family Home Evening Manual [1968], 184–85). "

We want the Joy of Family to fill our Families!

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Charlotte said...

I love Papa's outfit! Reminds me of Jon's "Saturday pants" which are baggy, camoflage & covered in pockets. Pair that with his "fishing hat" and it makes quite a scene.

bevanmission said...

Yes, thank-goodness the male-I-think-I'll-wear-this-apparel gene didn't transfer to Livi! I'm convinced she gets it from me!

Veda said...

I'm sorry---I just cracked up when I saw the picture of dad, even before reading the post. It's just so "papa"! Loved it!

bevanmission said...

Glad it made you laugh! I do, too - most everyday with him! He's considering walking around with a camera now so that he can take rebuttal photos of me to document "Life with Hollie", however, with his advancing age I'm not too worried because he'll forget that that's what he was going to do and do something else!

Adam and Aubrey said...

Ah geez. That is the best picture of papa, EVER! Haha! I love it! He's a realllll trendsetter!

(ps, I love sisters!)

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