Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Insanity BeDazzled

This was ONE photo that just HAD to be DONE! A tribute to my nephew and great-nephews:

Seeholzer SuperHeroes
and here's the actual post page where you can read the real story and see the UnBedazzled photo.

And, of course, we couldn't leave out our young grandsons, with their dad, too!  Here's a tribute to our son and grandsons:

Bevan SuperHeroes as 'Clark Kent', ready to save the world!
(However, we understand that our young 'Clark Kent' is not allowed to wear his Superman
uniform under his Church clothes anymore , as too many adults loved asking him
 "where is Superman?")

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is by Elder M Russell Ballard

"Fathers, you are the primary model of manhood for your sons. You are their most meaningful mentor, and believe it or not, you are their hero in countless ways. Your words and your example are a great influence on them."


Adam and Aubrey said...

BEST pictures ever! Better than anything I could have possibly pictured. Well done Hollie. You've set that bar uber high.

bevanmission said...

Glad you like it! It truly was a labor of love! (However, I figured I was BeDazzling on thin ice especially since my sister said to leave her family alone.....)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!! What happened to wonder woman??

bevanmission said...

Post a picture of you and your girls together and I'll BeDazzle it!!!

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