Thursday, October 14, 2010

BeDazZled 4 Generations

Here's the newer UPDATED photo using a newer family photo of the missing family members that I found posted on Facebook:

4 gen family photo jayden baptism oct 2010 d

Our Family: 4 Generations Oct 9 2010


Veda said...

It's nice to see everyone in the picture now :)

Adam and Aubrey said...

Such a bummer Michael and guys couldn't make it to the baptism! Glad you added them in!

bevanmission said...

Michael, Aubrey and kids did attend the Baptism but left right after the closing prayer. We had planned to take family photos at the luncheon. It felt like such an empty spot not having them in the photo, so, I took 3 other photos, and put them together. I found a photo of Aubrey sitting on a couch and used it to look like she was squatting with Chelsea's boots as her boots. I thinned out Cody's legs and used them for Dre. But the photo of Michael and Kai was only a half photo, so I put them behind a picket fence. It's the best I could do. Let that be a lesson: if you don't stay for photos, I'll just BeDazZle you into the group!

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