Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BeDazZleD HaLloWeEn FuN

Halloween oct 2010  1
Halloween oct 2010  2
Halloween oct 2010  3
Halloween oct 2010  4Halloween oct 2010  5Halloween oct 2010  6Halloween oct 2010  7Halloween oct 2010  9Halloween oct 2010  8
Halloween oct 2010  10
Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is from an ENSIGN article years ago entitled
“Concerts, Canvas, and Costumes:
Widening a Child’s World through Cultural Arts”
“A family that deliberately seeks to enjoy the arts enriches their family life. Or play some music and encourage costumed “actors” to improvise: to be a plant flowering in the sun; to be an insect; to show how different colors “act”—blue, yellow, red …
… In an Imaginative Atmosphere In a family council meeting, decide how you can encourage the appreciation and expression of the cultural arts in your home.  This is the best place for children to learn how to bring beauty into their lives. The more they think of arts appreciation, the more they will do it; the more they do it, the better they will be at it. They need only the time, materials, and encouragement to express and satisfy the creative talents they have brought with them into this world.”


Felicia said...

Loved seeing all the costumes!

Adam and Aubrey said...

HAHA! That is hilarious! Awesome costumes!

Veda said...

Fun to see everyone! I loved the little fairy. She's adorable!

bevanmission said...

I'm still waiting for Cam to email me photos of Jayden so I can add her, too. I actually made a powerpoint with music and glitter on all of the photos, but it's too large to email so I posted in a private folder on Dropbox. Let me know if you want an invite.

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