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General Conference ReCap Oct 2011-Sat aft

This morning’s Conference was sooooo spiritual that I’m feeling physically exhausted at the moment. Even so, I never want to be like the 70 elders with Moses who told the Lord, “It is enough!”  With that, I’m prayerful to get my second wind and continue with my personal notes on the words that write themselves to my heart:

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles BEDNAR_Elder david-a-bednar
Spiritual Priorities – Inspiring Sequences
Joseph Smith saw the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. provided a correct understanding of the Godhead.They spoke to him. Later, the Angel Moroni, appeared to Joseph, to instruct Joseph about the Book of Mormon and the words of Malachi, a prophecy about the ushering in of the Gospel.
The prophet Elijah held the Sealing powers until the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This sacred Sealing power is essential for Ordinances to valid. Elijah conferred those same keys upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, and retold Joseph the words of the prophecy of Malachi that Moroni had taught Joseph.
It was necessary for Elijah to come in 1836 to prepare the woElijah appearing in Kirtland Temple to Joseph and Oliver_Dan Lewis 2007rld and usher in the second coming of the Savior. The Keys are to be delivered. The Spirit of Elijah is to come. And the Saints will become Saviors on Mount Zion, by building up their temples and performing their Ordinances to make a chain, welding the posterity of Adam.
We have the covenant responsibility to seek out our ancestors and perform their Ordinances for them. We are the Lord’s agents in the work or Exaltation and Salvation. This is our Duty and our great Blessing.
Family History work is not to be performed only by older people! We are sons and daughters of God. Children of the Covenant. We need to assist in the work to save the children of God.
The skills of texting and tweeting have been given to prepare us to use technology to seek out our ancestors and turn our hearts to the fathers. Our loving gratitude for our ancestors will increase and we will be protected against the adversary as we participate in this Holy Work and experience the Spirit of Elijah.
We can act and receive additional knowledge from the Holy Ghost and become highly skilled in doing Family History Work. As we devote more time to Family History and Temple Work, our lives will be blessed and we will better understand the atoning sacrifice of our Savior.
Family History is NOT simply an interesting program of the Church but a VITAL part of the Lord’s Work. We have a key role to play in this great endeavor!
Jesus Eternal Families Plan

Elder Neil L. Andersen, Quorum of the Twelve ApostlesANDERSEN_Elder neil-l-andersen
Crowning priviledge of husband and wife is to provide a body for Heavenly Father’s children. The Family is ordained of God. The Family is central in the organization of heaven.
We express deep gratitude for our wives in their willingness to have children. The decisions of when and how many should be made with great prayer and great faith. The bearing of children is a righteous subject and can be painful for women who are unable to have children. It can also be heart-breaking even when our greatest desire is to do as the Lord has commanded. All promised blessings will be given in the eternities as we keep our covenants with God.  We should not be judgmental with one another.
Many voices today marginalize and limit the number of children that we should have. However, motherhood is not a hobby and we honor mothers with children.
Jesus Eternal Families through Christ_JudithMehr
It is a sacred responsibility to multiply and replenish the earth. WHERE IS OUR FAITH!
Across the world is economic instability. There is no shame in scrimping, saving, and sacrificing. WHERE IS OUR FAITH!
Adam and Eve acted in Faith. Lehi and Sariah acted in Faith – even in the wilderness of their afflictions.  Baby Moses was saved from Pharoah as parents acted in Faith. Mary and Joseph acted in Faith.

Elder  Ian S. ArdernFirst Quorum of the Seventy ARDERN_Elder ian-s-ardern-70

Becoming the Master Manager of Our Time

Following the example of Pres. Monsom, we have sufficient time to serve others and give of our time. Time is never for sale. Wisely use, time’s value is immeasurable. “Time flies on wings of lightening and we cannot call it back!” 

We will be required to give a strict account of our choices and the use of our time.
We are well taught about priorities by the Master Teacher: Seek ye first to build up the Kingdom of God.  Alma has taught us that this is a probationary state, a time to prepare to meet our God.
In family relationships, LOVE is spelled T I M E. 
The poor use of time is a cousin to idleness. We must be sure that to be busy is to be productive. There is much that is good with our access to communication, but we cannot allow the phone and computer to drown out sincere prayer to our loving Father in Heaven.
We are ‘fellow citizens with the Saint’ and are happy when we are tuned into the Lord instead of mindless twits. To have the Peace that the Savior speaks of, we must devote our time to the things of God, which matter most: read and ponder the scriptures, prayer, and seeking to serve where prompted.
Saints who respond to the Savior’s message will not be lead astray be destructing pursuits and distractions. We need to identify the uses of our time that keep us focussed on the Lord, Family, Work, Family and wholesome recreational activities – all of which are virtuous and lovely and of good report.

Elder Carl B. Cook, First Quorum of the Seventy COOK_Elder carl-b-cook-70

It’s Better to Look Up!

Believe in God. Believe that He is. Believe that He has all wisdom and power in heaven and earth. 
The prophet redirect our focus and lead us to God. Pres. Monson is a Prophet, Seer and Revelator. He is filled with great Faith and Optimism. He is filled with Can Do and Will DO.
We will be strengthened and feelJesus blesses the children Angels attend Peace as we have the Faith to LOOK Up and follow the Promptings to act on your challenge.  The Israelites did not look to the serpent because they did not believe it would heal them.
As we look up, we receive strength from Our Savior’s Atonement to be able to endure all things. Whatever burden, trial, or hold-up we are carrying should be released so that we can spiritually look up. It is not a one time experience. We learn through the Sacrament prayer that it is to ALWAYS have His Spirit to be with us.
The Lord leads us today through Prophets, Apostles and Priesthood Leaders, through conference messages, and the Holy Ghost. We must look up and step up and we do, we will cheer up! The lord will heal our would, dry our tears and lead us. The Lord is My Light. By day and by night, He leads me along.

Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, First Quorum of the Seventy CURTIS_Elder legrand-r-curtis-70

Savior, Redeemer of My Soul

SAVIOR: to save and rescue

REDEEMER: to redeem and buy back; to deliver the Children of Israel. The theme of Jehovah redeems the children of men from the Fall. In Christ, we have redemption through His blood from His Atoning Sacrifice. The debt is paid and all power is given into the Son of God with His victory over spiritual and physical death.
We all desperately need Loving Redemption to satisfy the laws of Justice and Mercy. Jesus Divine Redeemer
There is a Redeemer, a Mediator to appease the demands of Justice and offer Mercy.
Many of us have lives that are a story of Redemption. We can carry the call to rescue the less-active. We can never repay the Savior of what He paid on our behalf.
Savior, Redeemer of my soul,
Whose mighty hand hath made me whole,
Whose wondrous pow’r hath raised me up
And filled with sweet my bitter cup!
What tongue my gratitude can tell,
O gracious God of Israel.

Never can I repay thee, Lord,
But I can love thee. Thy pure word,
Hath it not been my one delight,
My joy by day, my dream by night?
Then let my lips proclaim it still,
And all my life reflect thy will.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles CHRISTOFFERSON_Elder D Todd Christofferson
The Divine Gift of Repentance

When Prophets come crying REPENTANCE, some want to throw cold water on the party. But, only through REPENTANCE can we receive grace through the Atoning Sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
REPENTANCE is the necessary condition and His grace is the source of His Peace and Power.
Sanctification through the grace of our Lord and Savior is just and true.
 Jesus Forgiven
1. Invitation to repent is a message of Love to enjoy the words of eternal life. If we do not demand repentance of ourselves or invite other to change, then we are not concerned with our welfare or the welfare of others.
2. Repentance means striving to change. It would mock the Savior to thing that He would change us into angelic beings. We should try to change and seek His mercy. Real change may require repeated attempts. Divine forgiveness flows fully to such a soul.
3. Repentance means to abandon sin and commit to obedience. Turn to the Lord with all our might, mind and strength with a covenant of obedience to Him – as with our Baptismal Covenant. The Savior humbled Himself in obedience before the Father – to follow and do His will.
4. Repentance requires a seriousness of purpose and a willingness to confess. It is a deep, sometimes agonizing regret and sorrow. It is this deep distress that leads us to cry out to Jesus, the Son of God. With Faith in the merciful Redeemer, and a resolve to repair turns into a covenant with God which will lead to forgiveness. The Savior revealed that He suffered that we might not, if we would repent.
5. Whatever the cost of Repentance, it is swallowed up in the joy of Forgiveness. And the Lord remembers our sins no more.

Elder L. Tom Perry, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles 
 PERRY_Elder l-tom-perry
 BE BOLD and
Lord Jesus Christ
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Excitement of a new Temple provides for an Open House. Nearly everyone who visits marvels at its beauty and feel something unique and special. But, what impresses visitor most is the example and lives of the members that the visitors meet at the Open House.
At all times of the day, the Church and it’s teachings are being discussed on line across the Internet. Changes in the way we communicate has made The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints more visible. The problem of misinformation has been a problem since the time of Joseph Smith. There will always be those who distort, but the MAJORITY are fair-minded and curious and WANT correct information.
We can SHARE who we are to advance the understanding of the Church and our friends and neighbors will come to understand us and the Church better.
1. We must be BOLD in our declaration of Jesus Christ! The Old Testament sets the stage for His Mortal Ministry. The New Testament is the stage of His Mortal Ministry. The Book of Mormon witnesses of His Mortal Ministry. We declare the Savior to be the Center of our Faith!
2. Be Righteous examples to others. Our lives should be examples of good works and virtue in following the Savior. The Light of Christ will shine in our lives and actions.
3. Speak up about the Church. Focus the conversation in answering their questions. Remember, it is better to ask than to tell. Simply remember the words of John: There is no fear in LOVE. We are promised that we will overcome our fears. has on-line profiles and testimonies of love of the Lord. We should be honest and open in what we say and avoid being defensive. Be Holy in all matter of conversation. Use the Internet to share our religious beliefs! When directed by the Spirit, do NOT hesitate to add you voice to those conversations. It is a PEARL of Great Price.

We need to communicate the message honestly of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Open Houses before a Temple Dedication help others to know about the Lord’s Plan of Happiness.
The Spirit of Love and Courage will be our constant companion if we share the Gospel and our beliefs with others.

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