Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Smurf Heritage

In usual fashion, Great Papa chose an animated movie for the Grandkid’s sleep-over.
And since he turns 80 next weekend, we indulged his movie choice at the RedBox rentals.
(Actually, none of us were too interested in watching the movie with him at first!)
BUT, then, we all looked at the screen:
On the screen was the spitting image of Great-Papa with his same globe thing-a-magig suspended in air!!
Just look at the resemblance:
Now, we had to restart the movie so that we could actually watch it from the beginning.  Especially because it looked like we are living with one of the original Smurfs! 
No wonder we always have sooooo much fun!!

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Charlotte said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing! He's even wearing blue... ha ha ha...

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