Thursday, July 15, 2010

14 Gospel Principles Priesthood Organization

The Heavens Are Not Sealed
God's Authority IS On The Earth

Here's the Presentation used in Relief Society
Relief SocietyImage via Wikipedia
for Lesson 14, Priesthood Organization. Hope you enjoy it!!
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Veda said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the outline of the priesthood duties---made it easy to understand. What a great ending with the video clip!

bevanmission said...

Now, this is my regular 3rd Sunday RS lesson that I teach. And I did ADD the video clip from Elder Holland at the very beginning and then the video clip from Lamb of God - because they both testified visually of the Priesthood of the Son of God in action. As it turned out, that Sunday, one of the sister's had her mom from France visiting, non- member and no English, and a bit anti - BUT, she came to Church with her daughter! So, the videos on the front and especially the end of the lesson - with only music and images of Christ were the perfect Spiritual lesson!!

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