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42 Old Testament-I Will Write It In Their Hearts

Draw Near to God;
participate in
God’s great latter-day work
to have
His Law
Written on Your Heart.

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BeDazZleD HaLloWeEn FuN

Halloween oct 2010  1
Halloween oct 2010  2
Halloween oct 2010  3
Halloween oct 2010  4Halloween oct 2010  5Halloween oct 2010  6Halloween oct 2010  7Halloween oct 2010  9Halloween oct 2010  8
Halloween oct 2010  10
Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is from an ENSIGN article years ago entitled
“Concerts, Canvas, and Costumes:
Widening a Child’s World through Cultural Arts”
“A family that deliberately seeks to enjoy the arts enriches their family life. Or play some music and encourage costumed “actors” to improvise: to be a plant flowering in the sun; to be an insect; to show how different colors “act”—blue, yellow, red …
… In an Imaginative Atmosphere In a family council meeting, decide how you can encourage the appreciation and expression of the cultural arts in your home.  This is the best place for children to learn how to bring beauty into their lives. The more they think of arts appreciation, the more they will do it; the more they do it, the better they will be at it. They need only the time, materials, and encouragement to express and satisfy the creative talents they have brought with them into this world.”

Thursday, October 14, 2010

BeDazZled 4 Generations

Here's the newer UPDATED photo using a newer family photo of the missing family members that I found posted on Facebook:

4 gen family photo jayden baptism oct 2010 d

Our Family: 4 Generations Oct 9 2010

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BeDazZled Finds the Light

My nieces issued a 'dare', a 'double dare' and 'double dog' with Annonymous egging me on (she says I'm not allowed to publish her name), so wanting to be a good sport (and a favorite aunt) I give you my latest BeDazZled project, (which I thought my sweet niece was going to publish her original photo on her Blog, but she chose an alternate photo), so here's what I did:
Seeholzer Family BeDazZled in Space
The inspiration for this view came from the back light in the original photo. As I sat and pondered, I was truly smitten with the light shining behind them, and the more I looked, I found myself meditating about the Light of the World.
Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS comes from a message by
Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:
“Jesus Christ is the light and the life of the world.
All things were made by him. Under the direction and according to the plan of
God the Father, Jesus Christ is the Creator, the source of the light and the life of all things. …
“Jesus Christ is the light of the world because he is the source of the light which ‘proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space’ (D&C 88:12). His light is ‘the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world’ (D&C 93:2). His example and his teachings illuminate the path we should walk.

… “Jesus Christ is the life of the world because of his unique position in what the scriptures call ‘the great and eternal plan of deliverance from death’ (2 Nephi 11:5). His Resurrection and his Atonement save us from both physical and spiritual death”.

40 Old Testament Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baptism by Water and Fire

Today was a great day for our granddaughter!  
Before Baptism JaydenCam Oct 9  2010
Here she is before her Baptism:
And here she is AFTER her Baptism by immersion AND her Baptism by fire to receive the Holy Ghost:
Baptized JaydenCam oct 2010
The 3 Generation Family Photo:
3 gen CamJaydenHollieErrol Oct 2010
Our family (minus one son and family):
BoChelseaCassCodyCaitlinCamJaydenHollieErrol Oct 2010
And the 4 Generation Family Photo:
4 gen fam Jayden Bap Oct 9 2010
Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is by  Pres. Boyd K. Packer:  PACKER_boyd-k-packer
Pres. Packer quoted the Prophet Joseph Smith: 
“You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man, if not done in view of the remission of sins and getting of the Holy Ghost. Baptism by water is but half a baptism, and is good for nothing without the other half—that is, the baptism of the Holy Ghost” (History of the Church, 5:499).”
ArtBook__035_035__JohnTheBaptistBaptizingJesus____Then Pres. Packer illustrated the point by saying: 
“To prepare people for baptism without teaching about the gift of the Holy Ghost is like a Sacrament Meeting where only the bread is blessed and passed. They would receive but half.
Remember the fourth article of faith: “The first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.”ArtBook__105_105__TheGiftOfTheHolyGhost____
When we think of baptism by immersion or baptism by water, we must also think of the gift of the Holy Ghost—baptism by fire. Think of it as one sentence. First comes the baptism of water and then the baptism of fire.
Joseph Smith said, “The baptism of water, without the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost attending it, is of no use; they are necessarily and inseparably connected” (History of the Church, 6:316).”

Gift of Holy Ghost
We also used a Primary Sharing Activity and made Scripture Cards for our granddaughter so that she can continue to learn more about the Gift of the Holy Ghost:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gadgets Away!

I was trying to remember why we hadn’t yet seen IronMan 2, and the reason escapes me.

Great Papa was positive that we had seen it at the Drive-in, but as it turned out, he was only remembering the previews and only thought he had seen the movie!

Therefore, our Family Movie night consisted of Prince of Persia and IronMan 2. (Both delightful and fun and Errol slept through them as usual!)

Now, think back and see if you can remember the scene in IronMan2 when IronMan visits Pepper in her President’s office?

There, on her desk is a rotating gadget performing with perpetual motion –

(actually called Swinging Sticks Kinetic Desk Sculpture)-- which the camera keeps an eye on until IronMan collapses the gizmo because it was rotating on his nerves as he was trying to talk to Pepper.

That tiny, little obscure and insignificant scene perked-up Great Papa!

You could see the cogs working in his brain as he meditated over the details of him scheduling and arranging himself to get to the Hansen Planatarium Gift shop (the mecca of gadgets) where he could obtain his very own IronMan 2 Gadget.

Only the best laid plans are often just that:   plans that don’t happen.

Great Papa must have been very disappointed when he asked the Sales-People at the Hansen Planaterium Gift shop if they had "THE GADGET".  They didn’t.  Great Papa loves that shop and we can assume that as he pondered his dilemma, he became determined that he wasn’t going to return home empty handed.
Great Papa Phones Home: I’ve finished work early and since I’m in Salt Lake, I’m going to drive over to the Hansen Planaterium and maybe go to a 3D movie, too.
Great: I want to go to a 3D movie, too.
Great Papa: You do? Oh. Ok, I’ll have to find another time when I can take you to the 3D movie, so I won’t go without you. I’ll just look at the what there is to see.
Great hands me the Phone: Daddy, did you buy the IronMan gadget?
Great Papa: Uh…Uh…..Uh…..Uh…. Well……No I didn’t……
Me: Are you going to buy it?
Great Papa: Uh...Uh...Uh....Uh....Well......No.
We end the phone call and I turn to Great telling her something's up because Great Papa was hesitant and trying to evade answering. (Great Papa now says that he was answering in that manner by design and  that he was carefully calculating how to throw me off.)
Great responds with a pondering question: Well then, just WHAT did he get?
Annonymous thinks this is his best gadget yet! 

Sorry to Great Papa's other grandkids!

Annonymous had him sign a Will in blood:

(Hate to break it to her, but Seniority takes the prize, and she's down on the totem-pole!)

INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS:  Elder Claudio R. M. Costa Of the Seventy gave a talk a few years back:  "Fun and Happiness"

"Happiness can encompass fun as well, but fun alone will not assure us true happiness. We are happy to talk to our children, to enjoy the family, to get together on family night....happiness is much more than just fun. Fun is just a fleeting moment, but happiness is a lasting thing.

True happiness comes from keeping the commandments of God. Being obedient to God’s commandments, we will live happily for all eternity. The Lord said in Alma 41:10 that “wickedness never was happiness.”  I know that one of the factors that greatly influences our happiness is listening to the counsel of the living prophets who teach us in this Church."

I'm reminded of the scripture in Mosiah 2:41: “And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.”

I have a testimony that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. He gave His precious life for each one of us. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. This I know with all my heart. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it can lead us to the pathways of happiness."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Temples of the Church for FHE

My heart lept with heartfelt joy and peace to open the pages of the NEW Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I wanted to share those feelings with my grandchildren! 

This is my own slide-show presentation (ie., with personal touches just for our family) and is made from the New Ensign. I'm hoping that they will want to use it in their Family Home Evenings. I've added music ("Strength Beyond My Own" from the Seminary Video Soundtracks on the Doctrine and Covenants)

--Made with Love by Nana:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bevan On Earth’s Recap

Not that any one reads our Blogs or cares, but, I just wanted to do my own General Conference recap withGen Conf some of the thoughts gleaned from the messages heard, viewed, and felt; especially in light of Elder Holland’s comment about  “every sacrifice [we make] in extending to someone, to anyone, the beauty and blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”  It is a sacrifice of time (because it takes hours) and dignity (because it’s not funny or entertaining and therefore not interesting to my immediate family), but the spiritual rewards upon my heart and soul just for doing this – for even trying to do this, have kept me encircled in the arms of His Love!
announced 5 NEW Temples - It's so Wonderful! You can feel heaven reaching to spread Temple Draperacross the earth! Such a blessing for us all!; Missionary Work – the Lord needs more Senior Missionaries! [We would go if we could. With all of our hearts, that’s what we want and desire.] 
¡Anunciados 5 NUEVOS Templos - Es tan Maravilloso! ¡Puede sentirse alcanzar de cielo para esparcir a través de la tierra! ¡Tal bendición para nosotros todo!; el Trabajo Misional – el Señor necesita a más Misioneros de la Pareja! [iríamos si podemos. Con todos los corazones, eso es lo que deseamos y deseamos].
Elder Jeffrey R. HollandHOLLAND_Elder jeffrey-r-holland “..."Speaking as the voice of Angels..." Such tenderness! Makes us truly want to emulate his gratitude! We will try harder!  “We return to you those same heartfelt prayers and that same expression of love! The Church draws incomparable strength, a truly unique vitality from the faith and devotion of every member of this Church, whoever you may be! You are individually loved of God! You are cherished and prayed for by the presiding officers of His church. This IS about YOU! How LOVED of God you are! I am trying to be Voice for the very Angels of Heaven in thanking you for every sacrifice you’ve ever made in extending to someone, to anyone, the beauty and blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for all the women of the Church who have been as strong as Mt Sinai and as compassionate as the Mount of Beatitudes. Somehow, the too often  unheralded women in this Church are always there, when hands hang down and knees are feeble. They seem to grasp instinctively the Divinity in Christ’s declaration, “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me.” I thank-you for sacrificing for your children and other peoples children.  The Pure Love of Jesus Sermon on Mount l57Christ never faileth.” 
"Hablar como la voz de Angels. ..”  ¡Tal ternura! ¡Las marcas que nosotros queremos sinceramente emular su gratitud! ¡Nos esforzaremos mucho! ¡"Le volvemos esas mismas oraciones sinceras y a que misma expresión del amor! ¡La Iglesia recibe fuerza sin par, una vitalidad sinceramente extraordinaria de la fe y la devoción de cada miembro de esta Iglesia, quienquiera que sea! ¡Es adorado individualmente de Dios! Es abrigado y es orado para por los oficiales presidentes de Su iglesia. ¡Esto ESTA acerca de USTED! ¡Cuán ADORADO de Dios usted es! Trato de ser Voz para los ángeles verdaderos del Cielo en gracias para cada sacrificio usted jamás ha hecho a extender a alguien, a cualquiera, la belleza y las bendiciones del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Estoy agradecido para todas las mujeres de la Iglesia que ha sido tan fuerte como el Monte de Sinaí y tan compasivo como el Monte de Bienaventuranzas. De algún modo, las mujeres con demasiada frecuencia no anunciadas en esta Iglesia son siempre allí, cuando manos cuelgan hacia abajo y las rodillas son débiles. Parecen agarrar instintivamente la Divinidad en la declaración de Cristo, "En tanto como el lo ha hecho a lo menos de éstos, el lo ha hecho a mí". Yo agradecimiento para sacrificar para sus niños y otros niños de pueblos. El Puro Amor de Cristo nunca falla".
Sis. Mary N. Wixom: WIXOM Rosemary m-wixom-primary pres   We hope our children understand the Plan! We, we are trying to make sure our grandchildren know who they beloved sons and daughters of God! 
¡Esperamos que nuestros niños comprendan el Plan! ¡Tratamos. ..y ahora, que tratamos de asegurarse de que nuestros nietos saben quién ellos son. ... amados hijos y las hijas de Dios!
Elder Claudio R. M. CostaCOSTA Elder claudio-r-m-costa "Have the Faith to Follow the Prophet" ...we are soooo appreciating his Great words  reminding us that we have a Living Prophet that speaks for the Lord!  (Elder Costa used the 14 Fundamentals of Following a Prophet by Pres Ezra Taft Benson.)
¡"Tenga a la Fe para Seguir al Profeta" .. aprecia mucho sus Gran palabras que nos recuerdan que tenemos a un Profeta Vivo que habla para el Señor!Scriptures 2
Brother David M. McConkie: MCCONKIE_david-m-mcconkie ‎"What matters most is the attitude or Spirit of the teacher that is teaching!" ...his wonderful words remind us of those who have truly 'warmed our souls with the fire of their faith' and to always remember that the Scriptures are the  'handbook of the Lord'!!!
¡"Lo que importa es más la actitud o el Espíritu del maestro que enseña"! ¡ palabras maravillosas nos recuerdan de los que sinceramente 'ha calentado nuestras almas con el fuego de su fe' y siempre recordar que las Escrituras son el 'guía del Señor'!!!
Elder D. Todd Christofferson: CHRISTOFFERSON_Elder D Todd Christofferson Such profound words on choosing to have a consecrateJesus Christ and Young Women del_parsond life! We loved the thought about Linking Ourself Forever To GOD and GOD TO US! Wonderful and inspiring instruction to help us better consecrate ourselves to the Lord: through Purity, Work, Respect of Body, Service and Integrity. 
¡Tales palabras profundas a escoger para tener una vida consagrada! ¡Adoramos el pensamiento acerca de Ligar nuestra familia para siempre A DIOS y DIOS A Nuestra Familia! La instrucción maravillosa e inspiradora ayudarnos nos consagramos mejor al Señor: por la Pureza, el Trabajo, el Respeto del Cuerpo, el Servicio y la Integridad.
Pres. Dieter F. UchtdorfUCHTDORF_dieter-f-uchtdorf ‎"Diligently Doing the things that matter most will lead us to the Savior" ..we were praying for him as he struggled with his voice. Pres. Uchtdorf ALWAYS seems to speak to our hearts - ever reminding us of the elegance and beauty of Heavenly Father's wisdom and of turning our ways into His ways; and spelling out the Keys to Opening the Windows Temple windows 3 of Heaven! We will try to slow down and open our eyes to that which matters most!
"Diligentemente Hacer las cosas que importan más Le nos dirigirán al Salvador".. orábamos para él como luchó con su voz. ¡Pre. Uchtdorf SIEMPRE parece hablar con los corazones - jamás nos recordando de la elegancia y belleza de la sabiduría de Padre Celestial y de girar nuestras maneras en Su maneras; y deletreando las Llaves a Abrir las Ventanas del Cielo! ¡Trataremos de ir más despacio y para abrir los ojos al que importan más!
Elder Robert D. HalesHALES_Elder Robert D Hales Very soft-spoken and tender words to remind us of Agency; God will force no man into heaven; Heavenly Father's Plan provides a Savior for us - to Redeem us, if we would repent; Jesus, Heavenly Father's Beloved from the beginning, [He] would be our Savior! We chose to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ!!
¡Las palabras muy de voz suave y tiernas recordarnos de Agencia; Dios forzará a ningún hombre en el cielo; el Plan de Padre Celestial proporciona a un Salvador para nosotros - Redimirnos, si nos arrepentimos de; Jesús, el Amado de Padre Celestial del principio, El sería nuestro Salvador! ¡Escogimos seguir el Salvador, Jesucristo!!Sustaining
Sustaining:   We're so very humbled to have the priviledge of raising our arm to sustain our Living Prophet, the Apostles, and the Brethren! We are soooo blessed! 
¡Nosotros tan somos humillados muy tener el priviledge de levantar el brazo para sostener a nuestro Profeta Vivo, los apóstoles, y los Hermanos! ¡Nos sentimos bendijo mucho!
Elder Quentin L. Cook: COOK_Elder quentin-l-cook A most Powerful declaration about Light and Truth; 'When the Lights Go On Again All Over The World' = a song of optimistic hope; The Light of Christ brings Freedom, Light and Hope. Loved the way he said that we should Seek Light and Truth and black-out the lethal bombs - from our homes!! And, that S8000272 awe should strive to Fill our homes with content that is Virtuous, of good report and Lovely! (At least our grandchildren tattle on each other when they find one playing in 'the Celestial Room' - so hopefully, they recognize that we've tried to fill our living room with the Spirit!)  
Una declaración muy Poderosa acerca de la Luz y la Verdad; 'Cuando las Luces Pasan otra vez por todo el mundo' = una canción de esperanza optimista; La Luz de Cristo trae Libertad, la Luz y Hope. ¡Adorada la manera que dijo que Debemos la Luz y la Verdad y el apagón las bombas mortales - de nuestros hogares!! ¡Y, que debemos esforzarnos por Llenar nuestros hogares con contenido que es Virtuoso, de informe bueno y Encantador! ¡(Por lo menos nuestros nietos divulgan en uno al otro cuando encuentran un jugar en 'la Habitación Celestial' - tan optimistamente, reconocen que hemos tratado de llenar nuestro salón con el Espíritu)!
Bishop Richard C. Edgley: EDGLEY_Bishop richard-c-edgley A bright and happy energetic message encouraging us to Choose to become acquainted with God. Choose Peace, Protection, and Faith The Savior uses action words: Come - Knock. Choose Faith over doubt. Choose Faith over the unknown. Choose Faith over pessimism. Choose to humbly approach the Lord.
Un favorecer brillante y feliz energético del mensajenos Escoger ponerse al corriente de Dios. Escoja la Paz, la Protección, y Faith El Salvador utilizan palabras de acción: Venga y Golpee. Escoja a Faith sobre duda. Escoja a Faith sobre el desconocido. Escoja a Faith sobre el pesimismo. Escoja acercarse humildemente al Señor.
Elder Kevin R. Duncan: DUNCAN_Elder kevin-r-duncan (Must admit that when we moved to this Utah desert from Beautiful, lush California, the thought occurred that we'd placed ourselves in the middle of the hot frying pan!) Said the Prophet Brigham Young: "God has shown me that this is where He will locate His people". Then Elder Duncan reminds us that we can know God's ...will by listening to the Prophet, and that we can search out the words of our Prophet with just a few clicks at our finger-tips!  (Elder Duncan used the 14 Fundamentals of Following a Prophet by Pres Ezra Taft Benson.)
¡Admita que cuando movimos a este desierto de Utah de Hermosa y California exuberante, el pensamiento ocurrió que nos habíamos colocado en medio del sartén caliente)! Dijo el Profeta Brigham Young: "Dios me ha mostrado que esto es donde situará a Sus personas". ¡Entonces Elder Duncan nos recuerda que podemos conocer la voluntad de Dios escuchando al Profeta, y que podemos rebuscar las palabras de nuestro Profeta con sólo unos movimientos en el ordenador en la punta de los dedos!
Elder Gerrit W. Gong: GONG_Elder gerrit-w-gong Humble testimony of his family's conversion to the Gospel ofTemple Mirrors eternity Jesus Christ and of his love of the Temple! Elder Gong truly has a happy personality,  which aided in our drawing near to his message and we loved his thoughts on looking at the generations of his family in the Temple Mirrors of Eternity! 
¡Humille testimonio de la conversión de su familia al Evangelio de Jesucristo y de su amor del Templo! ¡Elder Gong tiene sinceramente una personalidad feliz, que ayudó en nuestro acercándose a su mensaje y nosotros adoramos sus pensamientos a mirar las generaciones de su familia en los Espejos del Templo de la Eternidad!
Elder Neil L. Andersen: ANDERSEN_Elder neil-l-andersen He asks us: How do we remain true to the Savior? How do we makJesus and little girl e sure we never leave Him? Elder Andersen answers through the scriptures of  having the 'might change of heart'; of having a 'bleeding heart' and of having the 'heart of a child'. Such tenderness as he told us of the 'Warm, Healing Light of the Savior!' It was very easy to feel the Savior's love emanate through Elder Andersen's words - especially when he reminded us how much we've been given!!
Nos pregunta: ¿Cómo nos quedamos nosotros verdadero al Salvador? ¿Cómo nos aseguramos de nosotros que nosotros nunca Lo dejamos? Elder Andersen contesta por las escrituras de tener el cambio de idea del poder; de tener un 'sangrando corazón' y de tener el 'corazón de un niño'. ¡Tal ternura como nos dijo del 'Calenta, Curando la Luz del Salvador'! ¡Fue muy fácil de sentirse que el amor del Salvador procede por las palabras de Elder Andersen - especialmente cuando nos recordó cuánto hemos sido dados!!
Elder Richard G. Scott: SCOTT_Elder richard-g-scott   As always, Elder Scott speaks to my heart: FAITH- Faith unto ArtBook__025_025__ThreeMenInTheFieryFurnace____ Salvation is Centered on the Lord Jesus Christ! Faith on the Savior is a principle of  Power and Action. Faith and Character are intimately related; our Exercise of Faith and True Principles builds our nobility of Character. "We become what we want to be by consistenly being what we want to become." We put our Faith into action when we show our Trust in God; show Obedience to His Commandments; have Sensitivity to the Promptings of Holy Spirit; and remember to have Patience. We grow in Faith and Character as we are 'Fired in the Furnace of Up-lifting Experience'. A strong testimony is not emotion but a conviction of Moral Strength, Peace, Hope and Happiness.
Como siempre, el Elder Scott habla con corazón: ¡FE- FE a Salvación Es Cifrada en el Señor a Jesucristo! Fe en el Salvador es un principio del Poder y la Acción. FE y el Carácter son relacionados íntimamente; nuestro Ejercicio de Fe y Princ...ipios Verdaderos construye nuestra nobleza del Carácter. "Llegamos a ser lo que queremos ser siempre siendo lo que queremos llegar a ser". Ponemos a nuestra Fe en la acción cuando mostramos nuestra Confianza en Dios; Obediencia de exposición a Sus Mandamientos; que la Sensibilidad a los Escrúpulos de Espíritu Santo; y recordamos de tener Paciencia. Crecemos en Fe y el Carácter como nosotros 'Son Despedidos en el Horno de Experiencia de Sustentación'. Un testimonio fuerte no es emoción pero una convicción de Fuerza Moral, la Paz, la Esperanza y la Felicidad.
Pres. Henry B. EyringEYRING_Henry B Eyring(Listening, my heart has been touched, dedication renewed, and trustArtBook__070_070__NephiSubduesHisRebelliousBrothers____ strengthened and I will go and do - whatever He asks!!!!) Pres Eyring gives us a truly Sweet, Humble, and Endearing Message from God sending us words of Encouragement, Correction, and Direction; (see Alma 29); Pres. Eyring declares that his task is to Strengthen and Build Trust in God and in His Servants and gives examples of Jonah, Peter, Nephi, Joseph Smith for us to follow.....
¡El corazón ha sido tocado, la dedicación renovó, y la confianza reforzó e iré y haré - lo que El pregunta! !!!) Pte Eyring nos da un sinceramente Dulce, Humilla, y Atraer Mensaje de enviar de Diosnos palabras de Animo, Dirección y de Corrección; Pte. Eyring declara que su tarea es de Reforzar y Construir Confianza en Dios y en Sus Sirvientes y da ejemplos de Jonah, Pedro, Nefi, Joseph Smith para nosotros seguir..
Pres. Boyd K. PackerPACKER_boyd-k-packer ‎"We can not change, we will not change the moral standard! We cannot change the laws of God!" Pres Packer gave a clear and authoritive declaration in restating and proclaming "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" as the word and will of God to us, Heavenly Fathers children. Pres Packer also warned of the Adversary who seeks to disrupt the Great Plan of Redemption, and then Pres Packer reminded us of the Priesthood Power that can give us protection AND cast out the influences of wickedness.
¡"Nosotros no podemos cambiar, nosotros no cambiaremos el estándar moral! ¡Nosotros no podemos cambiar las leyes de Dios"! Pte Packer dio un claro y una declaración de la autoridad a volver a exponer "La Familia: Una Proclamación al Mundo"... como la palabra y hace de Dios a nosotros, como los niños de Dios. Pte Packer también advirtió del Adversario que procura interrumpir el Gran Plan de Cancelación, y entonces Pte Packer nos recordó del Poder de Sacerdocio que nos puede dar protección Y reparto fuera las influencias de la maldad.
Elder Jay E. Jensen:JENSEN_Elder jay-e-jensen   Gave Firm testimony to the 4 Chief Cornerstones of our Faith - 4 Gifts from God: first the chief cornerstone, whom we recognize and honor as the Lord Jesus Christ. First Vision The second is the vision given the Prophet Joseph Smith when the Father and the Son appeared to him. The third is the Book of Mormon, which speaks as a voice from the dust with the words of ancient prophets declaring the divinity and reality of the Savior of mankind. The fourth is the priesthood with all of its powers and authority, whereby men act in the name of God in administering the affairs of His kingdom. Elder Jensen then expands his testimony of 2 of these Gifts: The 1st Vision and The Book of Mormon, and testifies of their TRUTH! 
Dio testimonio Firme a las 4 Piedras Angulares Principales de nuestra Fe - 4 Regalos de Dios: primero la piedra angular principal, quien reconocemos y honoramos como el Señor Jesucristo. El segundo es la visión dado el Profeta Joseph Smith ...cuando el Padre y el Hijo parecieron a él. El tercero es el Libro de mormón, que habla como una voz del polvo con las palabras de antiguos profetas que declaran la divinidad y la realidad del Salvador de la humanidad. El cuarto es el sacerdocio con todos sus poderes y la autoridad, por lo cual hombres actúan en el nombre de Dios a administrar los asuntos de Su reino. Elder Jensen entonces expande su testimonio de 2 de estos Regalos: ¡La primera Visión y El Libro de mormón, y testifica de su VERDAD!
Sis. Mary N. Cook: COOK_mary-n-cook-YW 1 Couns Wonderful clarion call for us to Start to TODAY to keep our children tree%20of%20life-rgb and grandchildren on the Path of the BELIEVERS! Be an EXAMPLE in Faith and in Purity - of the BELIEVERS!
Faith: Pray with Faith and Study the Scriptures - letting our children see us do so. Keep both hands on the ROD!
[The Iron Rod - the Word of God]...
Purity: Keep our Covenants and LIVE 'For the Strength of Youth' ourselves - showing our children a model of a covenant keeper.
¡El toque de rebato maravilloso para nosotros Comenzar a mantener HOY nuestros niños y a nietos en el Sendero de los CREYENTES! ¡Sea un EJEMPLO en Fe y en la Pureza - de los CREYENTES! Fe: Ore con la Fe y Estudie las Escrituras - permitiendo que nuestros niños ven nosotros hace así. ¡Mantenga ambas manos en la BARRA! [la Barra de Hierro - la Palabra de Dios] ... La pureza: Mantenga nuestros Convenios y VIVA 'Para la Fuerza de Juventud' nosotros mismos - les mostrando a nuestros niños un modelo de un guarda de convenio.
Elder Dallin H.OaksElder Dallin H. Oaks Very Powerful declaration on the 2 Lines of Communication to Our Heavenly Father: Personal and Priesthood. Personal channel through the Holy Ghost is based on worthiness, and is important for personal decisions and for family governance. 1st - is renewed through our partaking the Sacrament and does not function if we out of harmony with the Priesthood line. Jesus Christ HAS THE POWER to subscribe the qualifications and He conferred the Priesthood Authority and Established His Church - now restored through His Prophet Joseph Smith. Both lines must be used to acheive our eternal destiny.
La declaración muy Poderosa en las 2 Líneas de Comunicación a Nuestro Padre Celestial: Personal y el Sacerdocio. El canal personal por el Espíritu Santo es basado en el mérito, y es importante para decisiones personales y para el gobierno familiar. Primer - es renovado por nuestro tomar parte el Sacramento y no funciona si somos fuera de armonía con la línea de Sacerdocio. Jesucristo TIENE EL PODER de abonarse los requisitos y El consultó la Autoridad de Sacerdocio y Estableció Su Iglesia - ahora restauró por Su Profeta Joseph Smith. Ambas líneas deben ser utilizadas al acheive nuestro destino eterno.
Pres. Thomas S. Monson: MONSON and  brethren 2010 Oh, such love radiates from this man! Such an example of the Pure Love of Christ!!! How I love to hear Pres Monson testify: "Our Thoughts are turned to HIM, who taught us how to live -- even our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!" Our Living Prophet reminds us of the importance of Gratitude saying "Sincerely giving THANKS unlocks the blessings and the doors to God's love." I loved the way he told the stories of Jesus giving THANKS! Gratitude is a Divine Principle! Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude! Gratitude takes it's place among the noblest of virtues: and is a parent of the other virtues. A Prayerful life is the KEY to possessing Gratitude. Let us not wait till it's too late to express that GRATITUDE! We never know how soon it will be too late!
¡Ah, tal amor irradia de este hombre! ¡Tal ejemplo del Puro Amor de Cristo!!! Cómo adoro oír que Pte Monson testifica: ¡"Nuestros Pensamientos son girados a EL, que nos enseñó cómo vivir -- aún nuestro Señor y Salvador, Jesucristo"! Nuestro... Profeta Vivo nos recuerda de la importancia de decir de Gratitud "Sinceramente dar desatranca GRACIAS las bendiciones y las puertas al amor de Dios". ¡Adoré la manera que dijo las historias de dar de Jesús GRACIAS! ¡La gratitud es un Principio Divino! ¡Cultive una Actitud de Gratitud! La gratitud le toma es el lugar entre el más noble de virtudes: y es un padre de las otras virtudes. Una vida Devota es la LLAVE a poseer Gratitud. ¡Permita que nosotros no esperemos caja que es de expresar demasiado tarde esa GRATITUD! ¡Nosotros nunca sabemos cuándo será demasiado tarde!
Elder L. Tom Perry: PERRY_Elder l-tom-perry Wonderful are the lessons and stories of Daniel in the Old Testament that willDaniel_6_16_-_And_they_cast_him_into_a_den_of_lions never grow old! They will teach you to have faith, resilience and dedication as you serve the Lord. Give me a young man with a burning testimony of the Book of Mormon and I will you a young man who will later in life do miracles from the Lord! Prepare to receive the Holy Priesthood and the Lord will literally pour out blessings upon your head! 
¡Maravilloso son las lecciones y las historias de Daniel en el Antiguo Testamento que nunca se envejecerá! Le enseñarán a tener fe, la elasticidad y la dedicación como sirve al Señor. ¡Deme un joven con un testimonio abrasador del Libro de mormón y yo le hago un joven que hace luego en vida hace milagros del Señor! ¡Prepare para recibir el Sacerdocio Santo y el Señor saldrán literalmente bendiciones sobre la cabeza!
Elder David A. Bednar: BEDNAR_Elder david-a-bednar   A great Message of PEACE and JOY to our Hearts! The Holy Ghost is given to us in the Power of the Holy Ghost and in the Gift of the Holy. Baptism by immersion MUST be followed by baptism of the Spirit to be complete. Bestowing the Gift of the Holy Ghost is both simple and profound, and only done by the laying on of hands by authorized Priesthood holders. The Gift of the Holy Ghost does not become operative merely because this Ordinance has been given us. We must seek for the Companionship of the Holy Ghost through our worthiness.
1. Sincerely desire to receive; Pray earnestly for His Companionship;
2. Appropriately invite the Holy Ghost into our lives with the same gentlenes and tenderness that He entreats us;
3. Faithfully obey God's commandments; worthily partake of the Sacrament.
Jesus and the Sacrament
Holy Habits are the ways that we remember our Heavenly Father, His Son, and invite the Holy Ghost.
All Gospel activities are centered on receiving the Holy Ghost in our lives. How blessed we are to live and have the Gift of Holy Ghost.
¡Un gran Mensaje de la PAZ y JOY a los Corazones! El Espíritu Santo nos es dado en el Poder del Espíritu Santo y en el Regalo del Santo. Los Hábitos santos son las maneras que recordamos a nuestro Padre Celestial, Su Hijo, e invitamos el Espíritu Santo. Todos los actividades del Evangelio son cifradas en recibir el Espíritu Santo en nuestro vive.
Elder Larry R. Lawrence: LAWRENCE_Elder larry-r-lawrence Parents are responsible for the protection of their children: spiritually as well as physically. Parents who LOVE their children can not afford to be intimidated by them. Sometimes we are afraid to counsel them for fear of offending them. Young people understand MORE than we realize. They, too, have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. If it doesn't feel right, then have the courage to say no. Show respect to our spouses if one has feelings that something is not right. We need to speak up and intervene BEFORE Satan succeeds! Courageous parenting does not always mean saying no. We need to say YES to the Good Things: Family prayer, Family scripture Study, Family Home Everning, Family dinners, Family one on one interviews.
Los padres son responsables de la protección de sus niños: espiritualmente así como físicamente. Los padres que ADORAN a sus niños no pueden proporcionar para ser intimidados por ellos. A veces nosotros tenemos miedo para aconsejarlos para temor de ofenderlos. Los jóvenes comprenden MAS que nos damos cuenta de. Ellos, también, tienen el Regalo del Espíritu Santo. Si no se siente el derecho, entonces tiene el valor para decir no. respeto de la Exposición a nuestros cónyuges si uno tiene sentimientos que algo no es correcto. ¡Debemos hablar más alto y para intervenir ANTES QUE Satanás tenga éxito! El cuidar de los niños valiente no siempre significa diciendo no. debemos decir SI a las Cosas Buenas: La oración familiar, Estudio Familiar de escritura, Hogar Familiar Everning, las cenas Familiares, Familiar uno en uno entrevista.
Elder Per G. Malm: MALM_Elder per-g-malm-large Focus on those things that will sustain a lasting Peace of Heart! The Savior invites us to Partake of His Goodness to find His Peace and His Rest. Faith in Jesus Christ gives us a solid Hope and a lasting Peace. Lift our vision daily inorder to have an eternal perspective. Peace is a Gift from God and only comes through the Spirit of God. We can build up or we can tear down. It's our choice to learn to handle small daily things in a positive way.
¡Céntrese en esas cosas que sostendrán una Paz duradera de Corazón! El Salvador nos invita a Tomar parte de Su Bondad para encontrar Su Paz y Su Descanso. Fe enJesus Gethsemane Jesucristo nos da una Esperanza sólida y una Paz duradera. Levante nuestra visión inorder que diario para tener una perspectiva eterna. La paz es un Regalo de Dios y sólo viene por el Espíritu de Dios. Podemos construir o podemos derribar. Es nuestra elección de aprender a manejar pequeñas cosas diarias en una manera positiva.
Elder Jairo MazzagardiMAZZAGARDI_Elder jairo-mazzagardi Shares the story of a post that becomes entangled by a tree that grew around it, with his granddaughter asking if this was the tree of sin? He answers that what may appear to as little slips will allow us later to do worse things. We become the prey to sin when we lose the influence of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of obedience is sweetness of joy; the fruit of disobedience is sadness. The Savior has atoned for our sins and gives us the help we need to repent of our sins. The fruit the Tree of Life represents the love of Heavenly Father's Son that He gave to us.
¿Comparte la historia de un poste que llega a ser enredó por un árbol que creció alrededor de ello, con su nieta que pregunta si esto fue el árbol de pecado? Contesta que lo que puede parecer a como los tropiezos pequeños nos permitirán hacer luego cosas peores. Llegamos a ser la presa para pecar cuando perdemos la influencia del Espíritu Santo. La fruta de obediencia es el dulzor de alegría; la fruta de desobediencia es la tristeza. El Salvador ha expiado para nuestros pecados y nos da la ayuda nosotros debemos arrepentirse de de nuestros pecados. La fruta que el Arbol de la Vida representa el amor de Hijo de Padre Celestial que dio a nosotros.
Elder Mervyn B. ArnoldARNOLD _Elder mervyn-b-arnold Tender message of the Legacy that we leave for our posterity. How will our names be remembered? How will we be remembered especially when we haveJesus Perfect love fixed taken upon us the Name of Christ? Remember, we are free to choose but not free to choose the  consequences of our actions. Then he relates the story of his daughter's stupid cow that broke through the fence that was there for the cow's protection, ate too much wheat and caused it's own death. We are thankful for the Savior's atonement! He invites us to cleanse our names and repent of our sins and return to Him! Picture the Savior standing by ourside and know that surely He IS there! 
El mensaje tierno del Legado que salimos para nuestra posteridad. ¿Cómo serán recordados nuestros nombres? ¿Cómo seremos recordados nosotros especialmente cuándo tomemos sobre nosotros el Nombre de Cristo? Recuerde, estamos libres escoger pero no libertar para escoger las consecuencias de nuestras acciones. Entonces relaciona la historia de su vaca estúpida de hija que se abrió camino la cerca que estuvo allí para la protección de la vaca, comió demasiado trigo y causó que fuera propia muerte. ¡Estamos agradecidos para la expiación del Salvador! ¡Nos invita a limpiar nuestros nombres y arrepentir de de nuestros pecados y volverse a El! ¡Imagínese la posición de Salvador por ourside y sepa que sin duda El ESTA allí!
Elder M. Russell BallardBALLARD_Elder m-russell-ballard Each of needs to experience the mighty change of hearts. The Love of Christ needs to be reflected in our daily actions. Jesus Come to Me Posters Elder Ballard begins with a story of artificial lures used by Lucifer to tempt us to his unmerciful influence. He testifies about the battle over God's given agency to man today. Satan knows how to exploit and ensnare us and still aware our agency. Do not let Satan trick you into any kind of addiction that relinquishes your agency. There is always hope, a way to spiritual freedom, a way from the bondage. It begins with fervent Prayer to find spiritual peace. The formula to transform a life is found in the scriptures, and comes throught the Atonement of Jesus Christ, humbling pleading in earnest prayer for help to overcome our sins and addictions. The Lord Jesus Christ makes all things possible! 
Cada uno de debe experimentar el cambio poderoso de corazones. El Amor de Cristo debe ser reflejado en nuestras acciones diarias. Elder Ballard empieza con una historia de cebos artificiales utilizados por Lucifer a tentarnos a su influencia despiadada. Testifica acerca de la batalla sobre agencia dada de Dios para tripular hoy. Satanás sabe cómo explotar y entramparnos y todavía enterada nuestra agencia. No permita la artimaña de Satanás usted en ninguna clase de vicio que abandona su agencia. Hay siempre esperanza, una manera a la libertad espiritual, una manera de la esclavitud. Empieza con Oración ferviente a encontrar la paz espiritual. La fórmula para transformarse una vida es encontrada en las escrituras, y viene throught la Expiación de Jesucristo, humillando implorando oración que serio para ayuda a vencer nuestros pecados y las vicios. ¡El Señor Jesucristo hace todas las cosas posibles!
Pres. Thomas S. Monson: MONSON_PRES THOMAS S MONSON 2  A Happier and more Cheerful Prophet for us at the conclusion of this wonderful Conference! Our Prophet truly loves us and we love him! He asked us to nourish our souls by studying the words of all the conference messages; we promise that we will! How sad to conclude when we want this spirit to linger and abide with us! Our Prophet asked us to take this Spirit with us and keep it in our homes.
"Sing We Now At Parting, One More Strain of Praise"
¡Un Profeta más Feliz y más Alegre para nosotros en la conclusión de esta Conferencia maravillosa! ¡Nuestro Profeta sinceramente nos adora y lo adoramos! ¡Pidió que alimentáramos nuestras almas estudiando las palabras de todas los mensajes de conferencia; prometemos que hacemos! ¡Cuán triste concluir cuando deseamos que este espíritu demore y para morar con nosotros! Nuestro Profeta pidió que tomáramos este Espíritu con nosotros y lo mantengamos en nuestros hogares. "Cante Nosotros Ahora En Despedida, Un Más Esfuerzo de Elogio"