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Holy Scriptures
We love the Holy Scriptures! We love the Holy Bible!
Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon
Both are Testaments of Christ
We love knowing that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Christ! 

Testaments of CHRIST
The Bible and The Book of Mormon

So, what has prompted this sudden need to declare, testify and witness about the Scriptures?     

LDS Standard Works

A Gospel topic search on the Internet (see Comments) showed that there are just too many out there who are either ignorant to the Word of God, or unrecptive to the Holy Ghost, or even worse, determined to undermine Heavenly Father's Plan for His children. 

And, without even realizing it, my thoughts were akin to those in this month's First Presidency Message by Pres. Henry B Eyring, "The Book of Mormon As A Personal Guide". 
Pres. Henry B Eyring

Pres. Eyring declares that the Book of Mormon "is our sure guide on the way home to God." and then he testifies, "Each time I read even a few lines in the Book of Mormon, I feel my testimony strengthened that the book is true, that Jesus is the Christ, that we can follow Him home, and that we can take those we love home with us."

And then, as a resource for families, the Church has added a section to the First Presidency Message just for Children. Following the theme set by Pres. Eyring, the Children's section is called "A Guide to Help Us Get Home" and immediately asks the reader, "How would you feel if you were lost and didn’t know the way to get home to your family? Would you be happy if you could follow someone who could show you the way?"

LDS Standard Works that we Love!
Above  is the illustration that is given with images of the answers that the Lord has placed in the Book of Mormon that tell us what we need to do to get back home:

Repent and be baptized.

Have bright hope.

Love God and all people.

Follow Jesus.

Pres. Eyring concludes with his testimony, "I pray that we and all those we love will drink deeply and daily from it. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that it is a true guide.

The Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible
are 'Maps' from God

Which is exactly what we want to testify, too, that the Book of Mormon contains the doctrine of Christ inorder to be our road-map
that will lead us back to our Heavenly Home!   It teaches us that we must pray always in the name of Christ, not fainting. 
Pres George Washington in earnest, humble prayer

Then, it tell us that if we do this, then we will have the following promise:  “Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life (2 Nephi 31:20).
Pres Abraham Lincoln in earnest, humble prayer
Pres. Eyring also stated that the Book of Mormon "gives us confidence that we can become so purified in this life that we have no more desire to do evil (see Mosiah 5:2). This hope gives us courage and comfort as Satan tries to tempt and discourage us on our way."

Pres Lincoln loved his Bible
In fact, it contains a sermon from King Benjamin that teaches us that
"When our natures are changed by the power of the Atonement and through our faithful obedience to the commandments, we will be filled with the love of God
(see Mosiah 4:1–12).

Pres George W Bush in earnest, humble prayer
with Pres Lincoln and Pres Washington at his side
as angels to assist and comfort
Elder Neal A Maxwell explained that there are many great spiritual events that have gone unseen by eyes "spiritually untrained; therefore, they were lost in the swollen sea of worldly cares, a sea which never rests. One day, the historical record will be complete; but, meanwhile, the scriptures will be our guide concerning those transcending spiritual events in human history which are saturated with significance."

Jesus teaching from the Holy Scriptures
The events of our Savior's atoning sacrifice, crucifixion and resurrection do not have a full correlation within the chapters of the four Gospels, and yet, Elder Maxwell explains, "the important thing is that the tomb was empty, because Jesus had been resurrected! Essence, not tactical detail! Moreover, the faithful, then and now, understand why the resurrected Jesus did not appear to the Sanhedrin, to Caiaphas, or Pilate—but, instead, to the bands of believers at Bethany and Bountiful."

One Nation Under God by Jon McNaughton
shows many who looked to the Lord and the Scriptures to assist them
and others who turned their backs on the things of God.

"....belatedly, the fulness of the history of the dispensation of the fulness of times will be written!

The final mosaic of the Restoration will be resplendent, reflecting divine design and the same centerpiece—the Father’s plan of salvation and exaltation and the atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ.

At the perfect day, we will see that we have been a part of things too wonderful for us. Part of the marvel and the wonder of God’s “marvelous work and a wonder” will be how perfect Divinity mercifully used us—imperfect humanity."

As we follow our Savior, we will be led to the path to return
to our Heavenly Home. The Book of Mormon is our personal
guide and road map to learn what we must do to follow the Savior.
Gladly, we testify, that He Lives! That the Book of Mormon is true and our personal guide to show us what to do to return home!


Adam and Aubrey said...

I love the first picture with all the sparkles and the scriptures (with the rose). Ever the picture of beauty!

bevanmission said...

Thanks, Aubrey! I love that picture, too! But, I didn't create it. It was contained in an email from years ago. At that time, I began my own file of great Clip-Art and saved it for later use.

bevanmission said...

Nobody has asked, but I was searching for information on the Bible and our Founding Fathers, and suddenly, I happened across a photo of Obama superimposed with Lincoln. The very idea upset me, so I searched on Bible and George Washington. No Obabma. Then I searched specifically on Bible and Abraham Lincoln, and there were far too many photos of Obama included in the mix. Thus, it became necessary for me to make our own declaration.

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