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Gen Conf Re-Cap–Sat Aft–Oct 2012

President Henry B Eyring:
Sustaining of our Prophet and the Apostles:
1st Pres _Monson

First Presidency:
President Thomas S Monson;
President Henry B Eyring, 1st Couns.
President Dieter F Uchtdorf, 2nd Couns.
and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Quorum of 12 Apostles c
and the Sustaining of the General Authorities


Elder L Tom Perry: 
Observed his 90th birthday this summer.
Marvels at the rapidly changing world in which we live.
We pray, live and work to ensure the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Some values that are receiving opposition are the sanctity of Marriage and the importance of the Family.
Reminisced from a letter written to his mother as he was serving in the military many years ago. Reflected upon the culture in which he was raised with a set of values: a Gospel Culture that comes from God and is an expression of the way we raise our families.
Joy is found when the powers of the Priesthood proclaim marriage to be forever. The adversary is attacking these values.
Singing familyGoodly Parents are entrusted with the care of Heavenly Father’s children.
1. Parents can pray for help from a Loving Heavenly Father.
2. Parents can conduct Family Home Evenings, hold family scripture study and eat meals together.
3. Parents can communicate with Primary teachers, Youth leaders and all those who interact with their children.
4. Parents can share their testimonies to their children to commit them to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
5. Parents can organize wholesome family traditions and work responsibilities for their children.
Our strengthened family culture will be a protection to the children. It will help our children to live in the world and not of the world.
It is wonderful to see husbands and wives work at a real partnership – which will insulate our children from the evils around them.


Elder M Russell Ballard:
One of nature’s most nutritious foods is honey.
A highly organized honey-bee hive of 20,000 –60,000 bees must travel about 2 times around the world. Each bee provides 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey and so they depend on each other to faithfully do their part
Bee Hives have always been used in the scriptures.
The Bee Hive symbol was given by Pres Brigham Young to encourage and inspire the pioneers to transform the barren desert into the fertile valley you see today.
Great things are brought about and burdens lightened in the example of following the bees in a Bee Hive.
The Savior taught that we are to love God and care for our neighbors as ourselves. Imagine the good that could be accomplished if we were serving those around us. Millions of small daily compassionate acts would have a transformative effect upon Heavenly Father’s children. They seem small but there is power in our love for God when it is multiplied by many who are dedicating their lives to serving others.  398407_10151272785847533_426347291_n[1]
The Seed of Faith nurtured in our minds needs to become the mighty Change of Heart.

The Gospel and Doctrine of Christ is the only way to obtain Eternal Life. Only when this is written on our hearts will we become converted. The Holy Ghost is our constant companion and the Doctrines of the Gospel distil upon us as the dews from heaven. Assimilate the Doctrines in our hearts and souls. It brings joy into our lives and peace to our souls.
One Daily Practice:  In our morning prayer, ASK Heavenly Father to guide us to someone who needs help. Then go through-out the day, looking for the opportunity to serve. Heavenly Father often answers another’s prayer through us. Therefore, it is vital that we serve each other.
You will be prompted by the Spirit and magnificently motivated as you serve the poor, the lonely and the broken, and those searching for peace.
At the end of the day, be able to answer, YES! to “Have I Done Any Good In the World Today?” 
"Pollinate the world with the pure love of Christ."


Elder Larry Echo Hawk:
Yes, I AM a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Yes, I KNOW the Book of Mormon is True!
The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ is written to the House of Israel, dispersed across the earth, that they may know that they are the covenant people of the Lord.Joseph Smith with bom
The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that
“ the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.”
Read The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
Read and Re-read.
Learn the promises given by Jesus Christ.
Make and keep sacred covenants with the Lord. Come unto Him and offer you whole souls unto Him.


Elder Robert C Gay
What shall a man give for his soul?
Today it is easy to get caught up in world despite our intentions. Satan triumphs over the ‘nickel exchanges or championship challenges’ in our lives.
The Savior asks us to say, “I will give away all my sins to know thee.” 
We are to forget rationalizations, self-justifications, etc.
We are to rise above our sins (both sins of commission and sins of omission).Jesus arms to soul returning_ARRIVAL_J McNaughton

God is mindful of each of us and He will never forsake us.
Always hearken to the voice of the spirit, no matter where it takes us. 
We are to go the rescue to the lost and the least – with compassion and love.
Satan need not get everyone, only able men. Satan would have us sell our lives for the candy bars and championships in our lives.
My testimony is my most precious possession – the treasure of my heart.


Elder Scott D Whiting:
Learned from experience: window needed to be replaced; walls needed to be re-sanded. Both were not up to Temple Standards. Why would they require this extra work, when few would ever see the flaws?
The Answer is on the outside of the building: 
We show our love and respect to Jesus Christ, and we demonstrate that we honor and worship Him whose house it is.
We use only the finest materials and workmanship – even though mortal eyes may never see. The Lord knows our intents in our hearts and promises His presence to be there if it be not defiled.
Temple Laie Hawaii water reflection
When our effort is less than our best, we need to move to quickly correct. Do not attempt to cover our sins.  
The building of the Temples and it’s construction-corrections is a type of who we should be: made of the finest materials and Divine craftsmanship. If we need our soles/souls buffed, etc, then we can make the corrections.

Endeavor to live best you can with improvement corrections to eliminate the flaws.


Elder Neil L Andersen:
In the wake of despair, their faith did NOT falter!
Our faith is centered on God father and in His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior.
We treasure our faith.
Pray for increased faith and to do all within our power to defend our faith.
A fiery trial can take root in our weaknesses. A manageable test for one can be a fiery trial for another.

Exercise Faith in Christ. Pray for your Faith. Keep the Commandments and Search the Scriptures. 
Our faith is strengthened by meeting with others who believe; when we share testimonies and worship through music. In the Ordinances, the power of godliness in manifest.
Stay in the security of the household of God.
No trial is so large that we cannot overcome it together. Jesus conquers greg olsen
Have faith that no blessing will be withheld if we live our covenants and keep the commandments.
Don’t jeopardize blessings God has promised. God’s ways are higher than our ways; and if we follow God’s ways, He promises peace and comfort.
The DOCTRINE is taught by ALL 15 Apostles of the Church. There is NO error in the revelations.
Trials may be trying; but need not be spiritually fatal. Build you foundation upon, Christ, the Son of God. – the rock. Then you cannot fall.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart. A witness follows the trial of your Faith.
With Faith, come trials of faith bringing increased Faith.
Hold on. Fear Not. For God shall be with you, forever and ever.

Elder Dallin H Oaks:
A loving Heavenly Father gives us feelings to compel us to help and protect children. All Children are children of God.
We are all under the Savior’s command to love and care for each other.
Children need others to speak for them. It is contrary to the Plan of Salvation to deny them birth. It is a great evil. After birth abuses are most visible. Vial deeds are perpetuated on children by their care-givers. Bullying and demeaning can inflict as much or more damage than physical abuses.  Children are impacted by divorces.
The most powerful teaching on children is by the example of their parents.

Jesus and Children of the World b87


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