Sunday, August 31, 2014

Practical Choir Practice Tips

Practical Choir Practice Tips

for our

General Conference Choir Oct 2014


v Enhance your vocal tones – Sing with a dropped jaw and your corners in – not a wide-mouth expression which brings the jaw up.  Practice singing “WIDE” and listen to the difference when the tone is forward with your jaw lower and your mouth corners are moved inward.


v Shape your vowels – I prefer to use Spanish vowel sounds: 

ah – eh — ee — oh — ooo

         Practice singing “tall” vowels, not “wide” ones - 

? – How do you sing ‘wide’?  Ans:   “WAH-EED” 

Remember, we’re in Utah, but we’re singing to the World
v Articulate the pronunciation of your words – Practice this now in your daily conversations and singing.


v Seek His Image in your Countenance – Practice having a pleasant, happy, smiling, and loving face as you keep Him at the forefront of your heart and mind.  Whether you have an actual “SMILE” or the slightest muscle lift in your cheeks – BOTH up-lift and lighten your eyes!  Even just barely moving your closed lips into “I’m thinking about smiling” position will enhance your face physically. Remember, to practice this at all times and in all places, especially, when you think no one is watching you!

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