Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since I taught the Adult Gospel Doctrine Class last Sunday for Sunday-School, I'll use my visual aids for the Prophetess Deborah to illustrate why I'm so ecstatic that the 'ole grey line is finally dead and gone'!
Yes, the 'ole grey' effect is better than having no visual aid.  But, notice how your senses are drawn to the beautiful Prophetess Deborah in living color!

She seems to almost come alive, and if you listen close, you can hear her loving response to Barak, (who was having a difficult time in mustering the courage to go to battle against Sisera and his 900 chariots): 

"I will surely go with thee..."

Somehow, viewing Deborah in color makes her faithfulness to God and lovingkindness to all those she served an example of the qualities I desire.

Wanting to be like Deborah truly inspires me to be faithful in obeying the Lord and diligent in developing the strength to do what is right. 

See what COLOR can bring to your life?

All of this, just because the 'ole grey line is dead and gone'!
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Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS is by Elder Richard G. Scott:  "Do you take time to discover each day how beautiful your life can be? How long has it been since you watched the sun set? The departing rays kissing the clouds, trees, hills, and lowlands good night, sometimes tranquilly, sometimes with exuberant bursts of color and form. What of the wonder of a cloudless night when the Lord unveils the marvels of His heavens—the twinkling stars, the moonlight rays—to ignite our imagination with His greatness and glory? How captivating to watch a seed planted in fertile soil germinate, gather strength, and send forth a tiny, seemingly insignificant sprout. Patiently it begins to grow and develop its own character led by the genetic code the Lord has provided to guide its development. With care it surely will become what it is destined to be: a lily, crowned with grace and beauty; a fragrant spearmint plant; a peach; an avocado; or a beautiful blossom with unique delicacy, hue, and fragrance. When last did you observe a tiny rosebud form? Each day it develops new and impressive character, more promise of beauty until it becomes a majestic rose. You are one of the noblest of God’s creations. His intent is that your life be gloriously beautiful regardless of your circumstances. As you are grateful and obedient, you can become all that God intends you to be." (“Finding Joy in Life,” Ensign, May 1996, 24)
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