Monday, May 24, 2010

A Tribute to a Life Well-Lived

Perhaps you've noticed that our Stick-Family at Bevan-
Resort is missing a member.

It was a very sad day when Great Papa and Great had to place Tigger in his carrier and take him to the Vet.

We all knew it was time.

We knew it was coming.

And, still, none of us were prepared for the depth of anguish that hit our hearts.

He was old.

He was very cranky, stubborn, demanding, insistant, contrary, determined, single-minded, aloof, sneaky, and sometimes, down-right mean.

Often just called "Kitty".   Some were blessed to be one of his favorites.  He slept near Great Papa.  Eventually moved to allow Great to make the bed - but not until he decided he was ready and it was his decision, not hers.

He ruled the house, yard, patio, deck and boat dock.  Often, he laid in wait to terrorize Buffy and loved to chase her up the stairs and hit her.  Usually, his soft and tender demeanor was only a ploy to draw you in, oblivious to what he really had planned.  Many have scars from his sudden attacks.

Even so....

He was loved.

Is there an INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY FOCUS for Tigger's Last Post?  Yes.  Read on:

Can animals be with their owners in the hereafter? There is no revealed word on this subject. Reason would tell us that a rancher or farmer may not want all of the cattle he has owned during his life. On the other hand, emotional ties may be honored and family pets may well be restored to their owners in the resurrection. Elder Orson F. Whitney wrote that Joseph Smith expected to have his favorite horse in eternity. (Improvement Era, Aug. 1927, p. 855.)

Just what is the relationship between men and animals? Men are children of God. Animals are for the benefit of man. This does not mean, however, that man is not to have a concern for this part of his stewardship. The prophets in all ages have indicated that man will be accountable for his treatment of animals and that justice and mercy should be exercised concerning them. Alma encourages us to pray over our flocks. (Alma 34:20, 25.) There are numerous examples in Church history of animals being administered to by the anointing of oil and their resultant healing. In the best-known incident, Mary Fielding Smith’s oxen were spared to bring her pioneer family, including a future President of the Church, Joseph F. Smith, to Utah. (Preston Nibley, Presidents of the Church, Deseret Book Co., 1959, pp. 234–35.)

Though the prophets have spoken frequently about man’s responsibility to show proper treatment to animals in this world, very little detail is known about the states of animals in the eternities. Greater emphasis is rightly placed upon man’s need to live the gospel and be worthy to return to his Heavenly Father where he will then learn the answers to such questions. Quoting again from the editorial cited at the beginning of this article: “Men cannot worship the Creator and look with careless indifference upon his creations. The love of all life helps man to the enjoyment of a better life. It exalts the spiritual nature of those in need of divine favor.” (Juvenile Instructor, Apr. 1918, p. 182.)
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Charlotte said...

May Tigger rest in peace. All I knew was the stubborn side of him, but I liked him anyway.

Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

bevanmission said...

My dear sister, with her amazing and uncanny wit that always gives us a good laugh, sent the following addition to our Tribute to Tigger:

There was a cat named Tigger,
With eyes that cut like saws.
He hid and jumped and pranced and thumped,
On Buffy's backend laid his claws.

And now he's gone to heaven,
Where cats and dogs are friends,
He'll greatly be missed,
Not on the floor where he pi**ed,
But be loved till the bitter end.

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