Saturday, June 26, 2010


Is it a log?? Is it a crocodile??  A shark??     NO!!!  It's some of the GIANT fish we now have swimming in our lake!!

Fish and Game, in conjuction with the Stansbury Park Service agency, planted about 800 of these fish in the lake.
These GIANT fish are suppossed to eat the moss growing in the lake,  which will make the fish grow longer and bigger!   Some are already over 3' in length with a fat bodies and wide mouths.
They rarely come up to the surface, so today was most exciting for our grandson - and us!  There were about 25 fish in their school.  These fish can swim quite fast and they were swimming as if in a water ballet.  Each seemed to have it's own position in watching out for the group, which was scattered across a large portion of the lake.  (I tried to get a picture showing the 25-30 giant fish, but when I zoomed out to fit the group inside the photo frame, the fish just looked like dark dots in the water.

I expect the grandkids will have great fun keeping a watch on what's swimming in the lake from their picture window!

Is there possibly a FAMILY INSPIRATIONAL FOCUS with this post??   

 Yes, there is!! 

We refer you to the following great FISH STORIES:  

When Jesus called His Apostles, He said they would be “fishers of men” Matt. 4:18-22Jonah and the great fish—Jonah 1–2; feeding the 5,000—Mark 6:33–44; the tribute coin—Matt. 17:24–27;  “I go a fishing”—John 21:3–6; broiled fish and honeycomb—Luke 24:36–43.  When we think about ALL of the various colors and sizes of fish, we can remember that the gospel is for “every nation, kindred, tongue and people” (1 Ne. 19:17).   Indeed, we find great joy when we are “fishers of men” and share the gospel!    
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Charlotte said...

Those are huge fish!

Adam and Aubrey said...

So....I'm totally freaked out by those fish. Yikes.

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