Saturday, October 2, 2010


I started by logging on to the Church's NEW YW Personal Progress site and was hooked immediately!

I'm not serving in the YW (and haven't for years), but found the site very inviting and welcoming - even encouraging for me, just a normal sister in the Church to participate, too, for my OWN Personal Progress.

So, I clicked and began right at the the beginning: on my first required experience under the FAITH Value.

The site is very inter-active! It's wonderful! It's great!
It's soooo inspired! 

The FAITH Value Experience begins with a definition and some required scriptures to read - which you can click on and you are taken to a NEW interactive online Scripture page - which you can Highlight    and ADD NOTEs, TAGs and then SAVE everything in your own Personal STUDY NOTEBOOK!!
It's all on-line, on the Internet and it's FABULOUS! AND there's a JOURNAL attached to the Personal Progress Value Experiences for you to write down your thoughts and testimony as you work through and accomplish the tasks.

But, this is ONLY the prelude to what I wanted to write about now. 

After reading the selected required Scriptures, the next step is to read two General Conference addresses on FAITH.

With the Click of the mouse, you can search the talks and choose one that looks interesting, and it also opens to a completely NEW interactive page that ALSO allows you to HIGHLIGHT    , TAG, Write NOTES and SAVE to your Personal Study NOTEBOOK. 

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
I chose Elder D Todd Christofferson's talk: "The Blessing of The Scripture" mostly because it just seemed to leap out at me.

Elder Christofferson began with an expose about William Tyndale who was burned at the stake in 1536 because he had translated the scriptures into English so that the common man could read them.

And I stopped right there.

Something told me to check our genealogy. I discovered that William Tyndale was our 11th GG Uncle! - But, I hadn't included any of William's history or biographical information in our genealogy file.

Here's a 'clip' from the talk (that I've highlighted) with the inserted NOTE that I was able to create on the NEW pages that gives you an idea of what I've been doing ALL day! 

As it turns out, Uncle William's brother-in-law was Rev Rowland Taylor, our 10th GGrandfather, who was ALSO burned at the stake about 19 years later in 1555 for denouncing several practices of the Catholic Church that he knew weren't Scriptural!

At day's end, I've been able to gather life stories on both Uncle William and Grandfather Rowland and also add images to our Family Genealogy File that I maintain for ALL of our family!

Words cannot describe the spectrum of emotions and feelings that I have experienced this day as I've learned to love Uncle William and Grandfather Rowland!

I can only hope that they will both smile upon us now as we reverence our Scriptures with more devotion and treasure their examples with greater loving gratitude.

Rowland Taylor Parts From
His Wife And Children
William Tyndale Translates the Bible


Veda said...

That's neat that you found out about William Tyndale! What a great connection. I remember when Elder Christofferson gave that talk. It makes it more personal now!

bevanmission said...

Yes, especially as if Uncle William and Grandpa Rowland were reaching through the veil for us to get to know them! Why else would I choose a talk on the scriptures when I was searching on the keyword FAITH?? My life has been blessed with the hours spent in reading about both of their lives!

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