Saturday, October 2, 2010

Glorious Conference Day at Bevan on Earth!

I'm in Heaven!  I don't know everything about the Internet and Computers, but I DO know that I've been blessed with Understanding and Skills to be used in the work of the Lord!

For me, this was THE most Spiritually Encompassing General Conference ever!  (And I'm sure it will only continue with the same feelings, only even more enhanced as I progress day by day through life.)

The NEW Church site explains it as this: 

"Sharing the Gospel

Content on the new site is media rich, using video, audio, photography, gospel art, and other graphics to communicate the gospel message. But the content isn’t only there to benefit members of the Church. It, like the gospel, is to be shared."

That's the Spirit that attended me for the morning and afternoon sessions of Conference. I felt that 'weight' upon my shoulders - the same one when I'm doing genealogy - to push me forward and let the Spirit lead me.
My General Conference Experience today ended up being GLORIOUS!
While watching and listening to Conference, my lap top had multilple Windows pre-opened and logged-in (Each page)  for quick and easy access. 
1st Window:  Open to the NEW LDS General Authorities Page with Photos and Share buttons.
2nd Window:  Open to the NEW LDS Interactive SCRIPTURES, for easy Highlighting, Notes, Tags, Linking, and Sharing.
3rd Window: Open to the NEW LDS YW Personal Progress area for my PERSONAL JOURNAL to record my thoughts as the Spirit spoke to me while listening to the words of the Living Prophets, Brethren and Sister.
4th Window: Open to the NEW LDS Newsroom for quick access to up to the minute news from the Prophet. The news on the 5 NEW Temples was posted with-in minutes after Pres. Monson made the announcement!!
5th Window: Open to Facebook where I planned to share my thoughts and posts.
As the Speaker began, I typed their name into my Journal, and listened for the thought or message from the Spirit meant for me.
Then, I clicked on their Photo which opened to a page ready to SHARE. Leaving that Page open
I'm back on my Journal. Listening and finding that I can type the key thoughts and phrases MUCH faster than I could ever physically write into my hard-bound Journal. If I want to look-up a scripture, I can. It's one click away!  After writing an acceptable thought in my Journal, I COPY it.

Shared Post at Facebook
Now, back to the photo window to SHARE. Another Window pops-up and I PASTE my thought as given to me while listening with the Spirit, Click on Share and it's posted to Facebook just like that!!! 
Back to my Journal for any final personal thoughts whispered to my heart.
Next Speaker. Same routine. Type His Name in Journal, Click on Photo, Type Key Thoughts and Words from the message. Copy. Paste. Share. Continue to Listen, Watch and Type.
Elder Scott said words to the effect that "A strong testimony is not emotion but a conviction of Moral Strength, Peace, Hope and Happiness."
I've been tearful, emotional (because that just happens) and so HAPPY for having the COURAGE to go where the Spirit led me. Whether anyone ever sees or read my small Missionary efforts to SHARE, I feel the Arms of the Lord around me, holding, and encircling to sooth my aching heart and give me PEACE. I know that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, giving me much HOPE.


Veda said...

Wow, I can't believe you can do all that on the computer and listen to the talks at the time. Amazing and very talented!

bevanmission said...

It felt like I was on fire and serving a mini-mission! After years of hand-writing thoughts during talks, this felt as if I was being guided, led and prompted. Instead of writing what was said as quickly as possible, I found myself eager, attentive and gleaning every word, every phrase and asking the Lord, Is this the thought for me? And when the answer was YES, I could easily type the thought into my on-line JOURNAL, then copy and paste into the SHARE window from the General Authorities Photo Pages, and share my mini-testimony to the world - or to anyone that wanted to look at it! Check out our WALL in Facebook and you will see that I have a Post/Testimony for every single talk - and then during the break I went back and added my testimonies in Spanish (I couldn't do that while listening - that was toooo hard, because it takes me alot of time to translate into Spanish.) So, I just Shared my testimony thoughts. I didn't engage in any conversations, etc, because I was attending Conference, as if at the feet of the Sermon on the Mount.

Felicia said...

I tried to comment on your last post, but you must've deleted it while I was commenting.

I know my Mom would love to read your comments in Spanish for her practice :o)

I need to play around with the journal/study portions of the new church website. It looks pretty cool.

Todd's favorite talk was Elder Holland's. Your sacrifice of time IS worth it. "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven" -Hymn #27bb

bevanmission said...

Thanks, Felicia! The other post is back up. I wrote it in ONE-Note (trying to learn it and see if it's better) but since I don't know what I'm doing, when it published, alot of things were'nt right so I deleted and went back and tweaked the alignements, margins and borders. I'm receiving soooo many Spanish comments from Spain that it's killing my brain! It's wonderful and I love it but it's not naturally flowing like it did when we had hands setting us apart to serve. I will continue with Most of my Spanish extras on Facebook. I wanted to do it here, because, to my surprise, this blog is becoming an extension of me and what I leave behind. Once it's posted on the Internet, it'll be there forever - and I felt the need to leave a legacy - not that I'm going anywhere. Just wanted to start a new uplifting and challenging tradition in the 2nd half of my life, so like your new tradition for Conference, this will be mine. Sending you much love!!!!!

Carolyn said...

I see you liked Bryce's Caption for your blog! Yes, you are amazing to have posted all that you did from the conference talks.

bevanmission said...

@Carolyn: Yes, I think I've several posts now using Bevan On Earth in the Title. I enjoy Bryce's wit and that definitely fits what I want to say. Thanks for thinking my posts were amazing, but in truth, it really wasn't me - as I truly felt like an instrument in His hands, and that in itself is a great blessing! I can't express enough how much more the messages were written and internalized in my heart than in previous years. Perhaps, I'm being shored-up to be able to endure more stuff to come....Oh, what a thought! I'll just bask in the light, now, because it's very Peaceful!

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