Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Holy Night Christmas Video

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY thought is from Elder Bruce D. Porter in a talk 'Redeemer of Israel': "A few years ago I visited Jerusalem shortly before Christmas. The streets were cold and dreary; there was political tension in the air. Yet peace filled my heart to know that this was the city he loved so much, the very place of his eternal sacrifice; to know that here had lived he who was the Savior of all mankind.

I returned to the United States late on a Saturday evening. When the Sabbath dawned, my alarm awoke me to these words from “O Holy Night”:

The King of kings lay thus in lowly manger,
In all our trials born to be our friend.
(Recreational Songs, 1949, pp. 142–44)

And I began to weep as I contemplated the perfect life and glorious sacrifice of the Redeemer of Israel—he who was born the friend of the lowly and hope of the meek.

I bear testimony that the Lord Jesus Christ has paid the price of our sins, upon condition of repentance. He is the Firstborn of the Father. He is the Holy One of Israel. He is the first fruits of the Resurrection. I testify that he lives. I testify that he is in very deed, “our only delight, … our King, our Deliv’rer, our all!” (Hymns, 1985, no. 6.) In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

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bevanmission said...

Errol has horded the December ENSIGN from the moment it arrived in the mail so that he could be the first to read it this month! I haven't been able to look at it until this morning. (I could have read it online, but I was anxiously awaiting my turn to read the hard-copy!) Imagine my surprise and delight to discover a NEW article by Elder Bruce D. Porter in this month's ENSIGN where he elaborates more on the experience I used for our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus in this BLOG POST!!! I woke up at 1am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so I read some scriptures and listened to some Christmas music and then felt inspired to make this POST. Then, once I had it uploaded, I felt I could go back to sleep. Then awakening this morning for the real day-time, I grabbed the ENSIGN from Errol's night-stand to begin my turn at devouring the words I knew would be meant 'just for me'. I found them - and MUCH MORE!

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