Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time to Lighten Our Attitude

We were left to ourselves to put up the tree and so only one side is decorated. 

This is our 3rd and shortest tree for our vaulted ceilings. (Notice the symbolism of the 2nd Coming of Christ with all of His Angels - the Angels on His Christmas Tree - being guarded by the Angel with her Sword.)
 Errol 'D I'd' my 18' foot tree and won't even get the boxes out of the garage attic for the 14' tree.  (Both of those trees were wider and fuller and required many ladders - and extra hands to put up and decorate.)
The star on top of this tree is from the REVELATION tree. (I taught the Gospel Doctrine Class at Christmas time one year and we were studying the Book of Revelations from the New Testament.  To visually enhance the scriptures, I decorated a 3' Christmas tree with ornaments matching the descriptions of the various symbols. The TREE was a beautiful representation and the kids grew-up with the REVELATION tree as a tradition in the Family Room.)
This 3' Angel used to reside on top of the 18'and 14' trees.  We attempted to place her on the current tree, but she would lean to one side.  (I like this year's placement with The Sword Of Truth! Actually, it's the Sword of Laban that we brought home from Spain.)

This sweet angel was given to us by our daughter as a surprise to place on our current tree.  But, alas, since I was a one person decorating committee this year, I couldn't make myself stand on the ladder on a high enough step to reach the top.  It was toooooo high and I seem to have a balance problem and always fall. (In fairness, I had a partial-assistant who stood on a bar stool to sort of throw a few angels up at the top, but we don't consider his effort worthy of calling it actual help!  And I single-handedly had already managed to get the Star on top!)  Our Angel theme continues in front of the Salt Lake Temple to remind us that it IS THE PLACE where Heaven comes to Earth.  (This photo is also for our one son's benefit who has been making light of his mom at work. Now, I ask you, does this look like the poor child really had it bad growing up in a deluge of green and gold?)  I added green candles this year to add a Christmas theme to Christ.  A fiber-optic Angel on the Entry Hall Door that requires many batteries from Great Papa's endless supply that he maintains for all of his wonderful toys.  (Thank-you GREAT PAPA!  There's a countdown on the Blog so that you can see how many more days I will be turning on her lights!)

Our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus today is from Pres. Thomas S. Monson in his Conference address 'For I Was Blind, But Now I See':
" The lights in the building almost immediately went out.
But back came to me the stranger—
his lamp was glowing fine;
He held the precious flame and lighted mine. 
Perhaps the moral of this poem is simply that if you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself."
President George W. Bush (left) meets with the...Image via Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

Nice job. It's good to know you can do it without me. Just Lovely!!! I like the angels on the fireplace.. we haven't done that one yet.

bevanmission said...

It was much more fun to do it together! Mom's can always do everything, but, then when they do, they miss out on those special bonding times when their children are serving them. I missed you! I missed all of the laughing together!

bevanmission said...

Received a phone call from the one son asking if I had a signed release giving me permission to speak of him. I told him 'Motherhood' has it's privileges which supercede a written document! (Just look across the Internet at all of the mom's writing about their sons, with the majority of those sons being too young to know about permission slips!)

Veda said...

Thanks for the tour of your Christmas decor. It's beautiful! I never get to see your home at Christmas time---- I love the angel theme!

bevanmission said...

These photos were taken before the partial-assistant brought more boxes in from the garage attic. There are now even more Angels - EVERYWHERE! On the book shelves, outside entry, Dining Room, Family Room and Kitchen. (However, the garland isn't up yet!) Some of our children would have you think I have an obsessive compulsive disorder! If it's something that I like, then I like it EVERYWHERE! It simply adds to more enJOYment for all! Actually, I joined the Angel theme in 93 when we moved out here. K-Mart was holding a 75-90% off sale on after-Christmas decor, and I picked up most of my Angels for pennies on the dollar! Always acknowledged it as a great blessing from paying Tithing!!

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