Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Only True God & Jesus Christ Whom He Has Sent

This is THE MESSAGE! This is why we Blog! This is why we Facebook! This is WHY we have HOPE!

Again, did you HEAR the music? Do not the sounds of Heaven include ALL the harmonies? Can you imagine HEAVEN with only six notes? UNTHINKABLE!

Herein is LIFE, JOY and HAPPINESS, as witnessed by an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, and accompanied by all the hosts of heaven who add their angelic symphonies to Elder Holland's testimony!

There is so much that we could add to OUR INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus as we ponder ALL of the testimonies of our Savior by our Brethren, but we turn again to Elder Jeffrey R Holland ('Jesus Christ, The Son of God - Testimonies of Him - The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent'):

"So with a desire to increase understanding and unequivocally declare our Christianity, I speak today on the first of those two doctrinal issues just mentioned. We declare it is self-evident from the scriptures that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are separate persons, three divine beings.....I declare that in His willing submission to death He took upon Himself the sins of the world, paying an infinite price for every sorrow and sickness, every heartache and unhappiness from Adam to the end of the world."

Amazing!! Elder Holland's message is only 2 minutes and 28 seconds and gives to each of us the boost that we need!
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bevanmission said...

To you who found this Post through your Google searches, we placed it here just for you. We know that you are hanging on to your faith and that at times it feels as if the sorrow will overwhelm you. We know that you are missing your mama this Christmas with a heartache that won't end. Please know of our love and prayers for you. May you feel encircled in the arms of His love.

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