Monday, November 30, 2009

Receiving Revelation From Heaven

We were able to enjoy another Thanksgiving Feast after Church yesterday and spread out our focus of giving thanks.  Yesterday, also officially marked the beginning of turning our hearts to the Christmas season (even though we decorate with Christmas all year) and to think of what we can give and what we have to give to others.

Following the theme of yesterday's Gospel Doctrine Class for Sunday School, we gives thanks to know that the Heavens were opened by the Prophet Joseph Smith as he ushered in this last dispensation before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!  We give thanks for the continued succession of Latter-day Prophets who commune directly with the Lord! 

Which brings us to our INSPIRATIONAL FAMILY focus for today is a quote from a First Presidency Message entitled Continuing Revelation by Pres. James E. Faust , who when speaking about Present Revelation said:  "The ninth article of faith continues: “We believe … all that [God] does now reveal.” For some strange reason it seems easier for many to believe the words of dead prophets rather than those of living prophets. In our lifetime we have been favored with ongoing communication from the heavens, which have been open to the prophets of our time."
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bevanmission said...

Isn't this painting of our Prophets just amazing! It's absolutely wonderful!!!

Virgil Patterson said...

I love your picture of the Prophets of Last Dispensation. Is there any way to get a better copy? Virgil Patterson

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